In line with our mission to constantly improve the transaction workflow for real estate agents nationwide, Form Simplicity is delighted to announce a recent upgrade of the broker transaction management process within the Broker View settings. The layout has been revamped and updated to include a simple and easier-to-understand process for submitting files for review, a customizable checklist for brokers, and better tracking of agents’ and brokers’ communications throughout the transaction review to ensure compliance and legal procedures are followed.

Within the new upgrade, brokers have the ability to create a customizable checklist for their agents to follow when submitting transactions for review. The list features multiple components of a transaction, such as a residential lease or HOA agreement and does not allow the agent to submit the transaction for review until all required documents have been uploaded. As the agent uploads signed parts of the contract into Form Simplicity, the contract changes color depending on the status, such as red for required, yellow for added and purple for additional files. Once the contract has all necessary files uploaded, and the agent has completed all desired notes to their broker, the contract is submitted and under review once the broker opens the file. Continue reading

DeathtoStock_Wired5It has been nothing short of a busy past few months for both Form Simplicity and our sister service, the Tech Helpline. From hosting our annual Florida Realtors Celebration and Trade Expo in August, to appearing at four trade shows in the past month, we have been all over the nation and have loved meeting more of our users each week! Along with our travel and launch of new services, we have been featured in numerous publications and websites throughout the real estate community.

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Ashley Oakland, 27, was found shot twice dead in a townhome where she was hosting an open house in 2011. Beverly Carter, 49, went missing after showing a couple a home for sale in a rural area of her hometown, five days later she was found dead. In St. Petersburg, Florida, two women were attacked and trapped in homes by a potential buyer but managed to escape. With each passing traumatic incident that hits the real estate community, we find ourselves asking one another “why did this happen,” and “how can we prevent it from happening again?”

During REALTOR® safety month, it is only natural to think of those agents who were not able to safely return to their families, and were killed while on the job. While it may be easy for those outside of the profession to simply dismiss the cases due to negligence and say that they were not taking Continue reading

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The annual Florida Realtors Convention certainly was in full force this year, and included many speakers with valuable information. I was lucky enough to get to sit in on some of the classes being offered to agents at the convention, and I was impressed by not only the information provided in the classes but also the professionalism and sheer desire to learn from the attending agents. Since real estate is such a visually driven business, accompanied with a growth in transactions and listings moving electronically, I thought providing a top five list of the best apps real estate agents can utilize in their business would be beneficial. Continue reading