Form Simplicity, the only transaction management solution built by real estate pros for real estate pros and still owned 100% by a Realtor Association, makes working remotely easier than ever.

Across the country, agents and brokers are switching to the redesigned version of Form Simplicity as they rapidly adapt to all things digital.

Many are attending Webinars hosted by Technology Training Manager Kaz Cisowski. Kaz reports he has had more people attend Form Simplicity training in the last four months than all of last year. “People are hungry to learn right now,” Kaz says, who has already trained about 7,500 professionals.

As agents and brokers nationwide hone their digital skills in record numbers, most are telling Kaz that the latest version of Form Simplicity is much easier to use. “They tell me that Form Simplicity has become a lot less ‘click-ish,'” pans Kaz, noting that its improved user interface which means fewer clicks for agents to create forms or navigate the program.

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One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction management solutions, Form Simplicity, recently released its newly redesigned application to more than 200,000 REALTORS® nationwide.


The update to Form Simplicity is more than just a designed facelift. The changes improve transaction productivity and speed up agent and broker workflow.

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Form Simplicity Moving Deals and Moving Offers

Moving into a new home is always one of the most stressful times in one’s life. Home buyers have many decisions to make during the months leading up to buying a new home as well as the three months following the move. There are movers to hire, utility services to call, appliance pricing to do, and furniture selections to make. These are just a few of the multiple decisions facing home buyers as they look for moving offers along the way.

REALTORS® provide their clients with a bevy of expertise. They research properties, execute marketing plans, offer financing advice, the list goes on and on. However, when it comes to purchases needed for the new home itself, home buyers are often left to their own devices.

Moving Statistics
According to a 2016 New Mover Report, home buyers start their purchasing decisions, other than buying the home itself, up to three months prior to moving into their new home. For example, three months prior they will begin thinking about if they are going to purchase cable, or instead, if they should cut the cord completely. Ultimately, they end up making the decision one month prior to moving.

The top three sources, cited in the report, for new movers’ purchasing decisions come from 1) the vendor itself from driving around the neighborhood 2) friends and family referrals and 3) Internet searches. Nearly 71% of new movers made major purchasing decisions around the time of their move, with furniture topping the list as the most expensive purchase followed closely by appliances. Continue reading

Real Estate Management SoftwareMillions of real estate agents have already gone paperless by using a transaction management solution; today, brokers also can streamline many of their most essential business management processes digitally as well, if they adopt the right broker transaction management program.

One of the key drivers for deciding on which broker transaction management program a brokerage or MLS should select for their agents is a deep dive into what that transaction management solution does for brokers, as well as what it costs. That’s because there is a significant difference between offerings today in terms of the tools, costs, and benefits for brokers.

Built-in Broker Tools
Last year, Form Simplicity, one of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction solutions – and created for Realtors by Realtors – added Broker Transaction Management features. From a single place inside Form Simplicity, brokers can manage, review, approve, track and store every agent’s transaction activity from beginning to end. While some transaction managements charge extra for these broker tools for the peace of mind they deliver, Form Simplicity integrates all these broker features at no extra cost.

For a broker, the benefits from these built-in features are big, especially when it comes to compliance. Form Simplicity Real Estate Management Software brokers tools helps reduce risk through a customizable, automated, paperless review process to help brokerages remain compliant. Moreover, brokers are operating in a collaborative environment, working digitally with each agent throughout the transaction process to ensure accuracy across the streamlined workflow. At their fingertips, brokers can see email and text correspondence for every transaction; that transparency gives brokers visibility into each agent’s transaction activity, and allows brokers to evaluate, comment on and approve all forms digitally submitted by their agents. Continue reading


In line with our mission to constantly improve the transaction workflow for real estate agents nationwide, Form Simplicity is delighted to announce a recent upgrade of the broker transaction management process within the Broker View settings. The layout has been revamped and updated to include a simple and easier-to-understand process for submitting files for review, a customizable checklist for brokers, and better tracking of agents’ and brokers’ communications throughout the transaction review to ensure compliance and legal procedures are followed.

Within the new upgrade, brokers have the ability to create a customizable checklist for their agents to follow when submitting transactions for review. The list features multiple components of a transaction, such as a residential lease or HOA agreement and does not allow the agent to submit the transaction for review until all required documents have been uploaded. As the agent uploads signed parts of the contract into Form Simplicity, the contract changes color depending on the status, such as red for required, yellow for added and purple for additional files. Once the contract has all necessary files uploaded, and the agent has completed all desired notes to their broker, the contract is submitted and under review once the broker opens the file. Continue reading

fs blog 3Within the past few months, the Form Simplicity software has experienced many exciting changes. Change is inevitable in any industry, but we are dedicated to helping REALTORS® nationwide transition in the smoothest and easiest way possible. Some of our most recent updates include Email History, Emails to Transaction, eSign Markup, Add from Contacts and AddFiles in eSign.

‘Email History’ is a feature that allows Form Simplicity users to be more organized and keep record of the communication between themselves and clients via email and text messaging. The feature is located in the transactions page in its own tab. This tool is a great way to implement a checks and balances system into your work to make sure you are tracking communication with your clients as well as a great way to keep your work organized.

‘Email to Transaction’ feature was recently updated in Form Simplicity . The tool allows users to easily send transaction files to their transaction in Form Simplicity via a unique email address assigned to the transaction. The email address includes the street address of the desired property., providing details that both the seller and agent will recognize easily. With the housing market sometimes requiring multiple offers before a contract is negotiated, this updated feature gives agents the tool to easily store important files and emails for long term storage alongside their transaction.

‘eSign Markup’ is a feature that is included in the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity. This tool provides users with the ability to make amendments to their transactions with tools to strike-through, underline and highlight text, and add check marks/text boxes to any location in the contract.

‘Add from Contacts’ is located in the active transactions tab when logged into Form Simplicity. With find-as-you-type recognition, this tool allows users to easily access their stored contacts and populate information into the corresponding location within the transaction. This is above all else, a great time saving tool and another way to avoid disorganization as well as spelling errors on names.

Lastly, Form Simplicity’s newest tool ‘Add Files’ provides cloud integration features with OneDrive, Dropbox and Box. While this feature is available only in the Ultimate Edition through eSign, it allows users to add documents from cloud storage systems quickly and directly into signing sessions. This tool furthers provides users with the ability to truly go paperless and not have to worry about having physical forms in their possession.

Form Simplicity is dedicated to achieving top notch results and to helping users create the same results for themselves. If you are not already an Ultimate user, please know that it is available for to purchase and provides multiple features that have helped many real estate professionals to build a successful business model and career.


We are delighted to announce that we have turned our Help page into a complete Help Center.  Through the Help Center, Form Simplicity users now have access to better learning tools including a knowledge base, a guide for beginners, short video tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, system updates and more.

Help page

Here is a brief description of the new tools now available to all users via the new Help Center:

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The Content tab of your Active Transactions has a new button: ADD FROM CONTACTS. This button allows you to easily access your Form Simplicity Contacts and populate their information to the relevant role they play in the transaction (Seller/Landlord, Buyer/Tenant). With smart, find-as-you-type recognition, you can locate and populate the information quickly into your transactions.

Add From Contacts

Add From Contacts 2

  • Enter the information into the Content tab to auto-populate the information into all the forms in your transaction.
  • Locate  contacts using the “Find Contact” smart-search box (the list is filtered as the agent begins typing in the contact name).
  • Smart drop-down fields allows you to choose which contact is party 1 and which is party 2.
  • Remember to save your changes before exiting the Content tab!

Quickly add the Seller/Landlord and the Buyer/Tenant information to your active transaction using the new ‘ADD FROM CONTACTS’ button.

We are happy to announce a new feature to improve the eSign experience: eSign Markup. This new feature, available to Ultimate Edition users only,  provides the ability to markup a contract with the already familiar drag and drop function. Users can strike-through, underline and highlight text, and add check marks or text boxes to any location within the contract. It’s simple.


This new feature improves communication with clients. Starting April 7, 2015, when users create a new transaction, they will be asked to enter the Street Address in addition to assigning the transaction a name. With this information, Form Simplicity will create an email address for the transaction that is easier for the Form Simplicity user and the client to recognize. Additionally, the email address and property address will be prominently displayed at the top of the Transaction information for quick reference.


With this new feature, Form Simplicity users are able to manage their communication to their clients easier, faster, better.