CARMLS members save time with Form Simplicity feature.

We are happy to announce a new feature available to members of Cooperative Arkansas MLS (CARMLS). Members now have the ability to import MLS data directly into their forms in Form Simplicity. This feature eliminates the need to type the data manually or multiple times. And to access the MLS import function, members must be logged into either Form Simplicity or CARMLS.

In the MLS, the user may access the import feature from a general search or a specific search.

In Form Simplicity, the user may locate the MLS Import feature in the Content tab of the active transaction. Members may learn how to import MLS data into an active transaction by logging into their account, selecting ‘HELP’ from the menu at the top of the page, and accessing the Knowledge Base.

Serving over 3,000 members across 19 boards, CARMLS is the largest MLS in Arkansas. Similarly, the Northwest Arkansas Board of REALTORS® and Ft. Smith Board of REALTORS® in Arkansas also have use of the Form Simplicity MLS import feature, and it is available for their respective members.

The Arkansas REALTORS® Association provides Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition to all its members; it is an included benefit.

DeathtoStock_Wired5It has been nothing short of a busy past few months for both Form Simplicity and our sister service, the Tech Helpline. From hosting our annual Florida Realtors Celebration and Trade Expo in August, to appearing at four trade shows in the past month, we have been all over the nation and have loved meeting more of our users each week! Along with our travel and launch of new services, we have been featured in numerous publications and websites throughout the real estate community.

Check out our presence in the publications below:

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Ashley Oakland, 27, was found shot twice dead in a townhome where she was hosting an open house in 2011. Beverly Carter, 49, went missing after showing a couple a home for sale in a rural area of her hometown, five days later she was found dead. In St. Petersburg, Florida, two women were attacked and trapped in homes by a potential buyer but managed to escape. With each passing traumatic incident that hits the real estate community, we find ourselves asking one another “why did this happen,” and “how can we prevent it from happening again?”

During REALTOR® safety month, it is only natural to think of those agents who were not able to safely return to their families, and were killed while on the job. While it may be easy for those outside of the profession to simply dismiss the cases due to negligence and say that they were not taking Continue reading

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The annual Florida Realtors Convention certainly was in full force this year, and included many speakers with valuable information. I was lucky enough to get to sit in on some of the classes being offered to agents at the convention, and I was impressed by not only the information provided in the classes but also the professionalism and sheer desire to learn from the attending agents. Since real estate is such a visually driven business, accompanied with a growth in transactions and listings moving electronically, I thought providing a top five list of the best apps real estate agents can utilize in their business would be beneficial. Continue reading

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Any real estate professional that is currently active in the market is aware of the constant debate taking place regarding the market’s newest and hottest prospective buyers, millennials.  The generation that has been deemed the technology savvy, impatient and sometimes even entitled, is who many economists and REALTORS® alike believe will be the answer to reviving the housing market.  How to capture their housing needs? That is the magic question.

The market studies present two strongly conflicting viewpoints when it comes to Millennials entering the world of home ownership, Millennials are either putting off buying homes due to crippling debt/the lack of desire to own a home or they are highly interested in ownership and are finding ways to overcome the challenges to get the keys in their hands. Continue reading

Form Simplicity The offices of Form Simplicity are filled with dedicated employees from all different professions. The office is comprised of seasoned professionals in information technology, marketing, sales, customer service and business management. Together, they work to aid agents in completing successful real estate transactions as well as making sure that both our software products, Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline, are working efficiently. However, with any company, there are additional requirements to our daily activities, and we always have something up our sleeve.

“I am usually one of the first team members to arrive in the morning, so when I come into work, it’s still quiet. I am part of the marketing team that focuses on awareness and promotion of Tech Helpline and Form Simplicity, and in our team, we all wear different hats: editor, content creation, distribution, etc. No day is ever the same for me. One thing is constant: There is always more to do,” says Marketing Coordinator Jessica Rosado.

The marketing team consistently works to update the brand of both Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline.  The marketing team develops promotional materials, maintains social media channels and helps to develop trade show materials for our sales team. It is impossible to walk by the department and not hear laughter. While they comprise a productive team, they can laugh and roll with the challenges that come from maintaining multiple brands.

Our sales team is who many of our clients connect with on a daily basis. They are constantly staying up to date on market activity, software updates and client relations, to ensure that they can provide top notch information to current and prospective clients. When a client calls to connect with Form Simplicity, they’re greeted by the warm cheer from the sales team. These dedicated professionals lead webinar and in-person demonstrations of the online application as well as connect with our clients nationwide at trade shows.

“No two days are the same in my work life, which I absolutely adore! If I’m not traveling to a state convention, I typically begin the day by returning any voicemails from the evening prior. Florida Realtors has provided me with a really cool stand up desk, so I spend much of my day standing and working – preparing proposals, writing follow up emails, and connecting with clients through social media,” says Sales and Client Services Manager Jessica Smith.

Another important addition to our team are the Tech Helpline analysts. The analysts begin taking calls early in the morning and strive to answer each agent’s question or concern before the day’s end. Agents may reach out to the Tech Helpline team by phone, online chats or emails.

While the analysts, marketing and sales teams work together to deal directly with clients, our development team works to ensure that Form Simplicity is up and running effectively nationwide. The development team works well with the frontline team to let users know of updated features and tools they can use to increase productivity.

“A typical day in the office starts off with a brief meeting with our director of applications development to review our current and upcoming development projects to ensure they remain on schedule. I will also meet with the Form Simplicity lead analyst to discuss feature enhancements or changes so they can be prioritized and placed in our development queue. The remainder of my day varies from day to day, but I primarily correspond with current clients, answering any questions they may send my way and asking them questions to get feedback and future ideas for our products, present product demos and training via webinars, and research existing client base and industry developments to identify potential new product features or integrations,” says Jason Schatz, Product Development Manager.

Aside from the normal daily practices of the office, the Form Simplicity team also finds a way to make each day at work fun. Whether we are participating in a Wii bowling contest, a potluck or celebrating “Fun at Work” day, we strive to make the office a place we all enjoy coming to. Everyone in our office looks out for one another and works together to better serve our clients. We are a team of hard-working individuals who desire to provide the best product for our clients. Without our excellent communication and work ethic we would not be able to look back to 2010, the year Form Simplicity was developed, and be so proud of the product that we created that is still prospering today.

ORLANDO, FL [May 6, 2015]: Bay County Association of REALTORS® has signed a long-term agreement with Florida Realtors® to provide the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity as a member benefit beginning May 6, 2015. The Professional Edition of Form Simplicity is a member benefit to Florida Realtors’ 140,000 members.

“The Bay County Association of Realtors has always believed in helping members get their money’s worth,” said Stephanie White, CEO of BCAR.  “With Form Simplicity being a member benefit through Florida Realtors, we have promoted it consistently through education and awareness… After reviewing our members’ usage, it was an easy decision to provide the Ultimate Edition, as a BCAR member benefit.” Continue reading

ORLANDO, FL [April 1, 2015]: Form Simplicity, a web-based forms transaction management tool for real estate professionals, announces an agreement with the Mt. Rushmore Area Association of REALTORS® Multiple Listing Service. Mt. Rushmore MLS has chosen to provide Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition as a member benefit to its base of real estate agent and broker members.

Form Simplicity provides real estate professionals with an end-to-end online real estate forms process for expediting real estate transactions while eliminating the need for paper processes. Form Simplicity gives real estate professionals the ability to quickly create, edit, organize, and store forms online for residential and commercial transactions. Additionally, brokers use Form Simplicity’s broker tools to manage, track and approve agents’ transactions.

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Orlando, FL [November 13, 2014 ]: New Jersey Multiple Listing Service, Inc. (NJMLS), the longest serving MLS in the State of New Jersey, has chosen to provide Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition as a benefit for NJMLS members. Over 9,000 real estate agents in New Jersey now receive unlimited access to eSign, the electronic signature feature of Form Simplicity, along with unlimited faxing and unlimited document storage.


“We are pleased to now offer Form Simplicity Ultimate to the NJMLS membership. The member benefit has been so well received by our brokers and agents who value the integration with our MLS system, ease of use, and access to unlimited storage and e-signatures at no additional cost,” said Michelle Perino, Executive Director for New Jersey Multiple Listing Service Inc.

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