Idaho Brokers:

Now through December 31, 2016, you may place an online order with Form Simplicity to have your brokerage forms programmed at no cost to you.

  1. Visit our online forms ordering informational page at
    • On this page you will find detailed directions on how to prepare your forms to be “programming ready” for uploading on the ordering page, including preferred file formats (Word doc is preferable, PDFs are acceptable, scans cannot be used).
    • Once your forms are ready to be uploaded, select the “Please select this link to place your forms order” link.
    • In order to have your forms live by Nov. 15th, you must submit your online order by Fri. Oct. 21, 2016.
  2. Please note that once your files are received, reviewed and approved as “forms programming ready” by Form Simplicity, turnaround time will be approximately 20 business days, although forms with more than 35 fields or an order for more than 10 forms may have a longer turnaround time. Tip: All of your forms do not need to be submitted at once, you may upload them in batches.
  3. Once you approve your forms and they are live in your Form Simplicity Library, charges may apply to revisions you request for these forms during or after the complimentary programming time period.
  4. Beginning January 1, 2017, forms programming charges will apply to brokerage forms.
    • $50 per page for a page with 35 fields or less
      • example: a 2 page form with less than 35 fields on each page would be a total of $100
    • $100 per page for a page with more than 35 fields
      • example: a 2 page form with more than 35 fields on each page would be a total of $200
    • Pages without any field programming are $20 per page
    • Brochures are a flat rate of $25 per brochure
    • The above pricing applies to new forms or forms revisions (small revisions are priced on a case by case basis upon review by Form Simplicity)

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