Pets are growing more and more omnipresent throughout households in the United States. According to a recent survey by the American Pet Products Association, (APPA), they found that a whopping 67% of households own a pet.


Pet-owners can be devoted. In one neighborhood, when the real estate agent was having a conversation with a potential seller, the seller said that he knew the name of every dog in the neighborhood yet didn’t remember most of the pet-owner’s names.


While pet ownership is great, there is a shift in thinking that takes place when someone is looking for a home. As professional real estate agents, you are dealing with the personalities and emotions of all different types of people all day long. This includes their feelings about pets also. For pet owners, they are part of the family. And pets always add a unique flavor to a home, but not every buyer loves pets, and not every buyer loves the same breed of pets that your seller has.


How do you bridge the gap between your buyers and sellers?


Discuss these issues with your seller:


Safety and Liability Issues- When showing a property, dogs can be territorial and want to protect their space with a lot of barking. Make sure your sellers’ homeowner insurance policy and all veterinary documents are kept in a safe place. Dog bites, of course, are to be avoided and are a potential huge liability.


Severe Allergies- Potential buyers and their children may have severe allergies to pet dander, which could be an obstacle for the seller.


Not Everyone Loves Animals- Yes, this can be true. And a potential buyer can be put off if a dog/cat/pig/etc. comes charging up to them when they enter the home, or if the smell of the animals pervades the home.



These Steps Can Make Or Break A Deal


Do you want the house to sell?


  1. Keep It Clean- Have the home spotless and de-cluttered during the entire home selling process from listing to closing. If there are pet clothes on the furniture, couches, or chairs, remove them. Get a professional to come and clean the home periodically while it is on the market. Sometimes Buyers want to sit and have a conversation about the home with you, their agent. They don’t want to be sitting on a couch that is coated with pet hairs.   Many people have a different definition of clean, so having an outside professional can make a BIG difference.



  1. Keep the Pets Away From The House During Showings

Have the owners or friends keep the animals with them and away from the home during showings. Clean the pet’s living space. Put away all feeding bowls. Re-locate cages. I Know this can be a tough one. At the very least, many sellers, will walk their dogs during showings. The space needs to be clean and clear for the Buyers to see and appreciate the home.


  1. Avoid Scented Candles Or Plug-Ins – Scented candles and Plug-In deodorizers can be potentially toxic to both humans and animals, and the strong fragrance to cover up animal smells can be offensive to people viewing the home. To minimize animal scents in the home, opt for natural scents, like a pie in the oven or a natural essential oil such as lavender, peppermint, lemon or wild orange, which are soothing to the nose.


  1. Remove All Photos Of Animals- Create a clear space for the potential buyers to appreciate the home and visualize their own family (including their own furry, feathery or scaly babies) living in it. If the home is located in an area that specializes in horse racing and most potential buyers are in that profession, this still remains true – unless you want it to strike up a conversation.


  1. Get Rid of Any Stains or Pet Residue – Replace Carpet If Necessary. Buyers can spot stains instantly and will start deducting the price of a new floor in their head before an offer is even made. Make sure all stains are removed and cannot be seen, otherwise replace the stained carpet or remove the furniture and keep the animals out of that particular room until the home is sold.

Again, any dirt, stains from food spills, urine or feces need to be removed so the entire area looks and smells clean– and not covered up by a chemical odor as noted before.


  1. Do Not Market the House as Pet-Friendly – When people are searching for a home, they will ask about the community and whether they accept pets and how many. There is no need to advertise this feature, as it will distract from those buyers who do not have any pets and do not want any in their home.


  1. Clean the Front, Side and Backyard of Home- This includes any sheds. Keep the lawn looking green, shrubs trimmed, and all debris and feces picked up regularly. Many owners give their pets free reign of the backyard. Some dogs have their own home out back. Be creative, since most of the time, the doghouse can’t be removed. Put a welcome sign up or something cute that will make potential Buyers smile.


  1. If There Are Any Reptiles, Consider Covering or Moving Them.

Many people, especially children, may be fearful seeing rattlesnakes or any type of reptile within the home.


One Buyer was sitting down with the Seller and the real estate agent in the kitchen before viewing the property. When the owner started talking about his prize rattlesnakes, the Buyer gave a look to the real estate agent and politely exited the property.



  1. Make Appointments in Advance and Be There for All Showings


One of the values a professional real estate agent brings to the table is their ability to build rapport with all parties.  It is also their ability to show a property and it greatest appeal along with the surrounding area. (Adhering to all NAR and governmental guidelines.) This happens when the above steps are taken into account and the Listing or Showing Agent can be there to meet the Buyer’s Agent and potential Buyers.

In today’s time there are so many distractions and potential obstacles to purchasing a new home. By following the above suggestions, it can be a smoother and safer process when pets are involved.


Paws up if you agree.


screenshot of Form Simplicity's home page

New, intuitive application redesign speeds up agent and broker workflow.


ORLANDO, Fla.July 10, 2019 — One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction management solutions, Form Simplicity, has deployed its newly redesigned application to REALTORS® throughout FloridaIdahoWyomingSouth DakotaMassachusettsNew Jersey, and Iowa. The update improves transaction productivity and speeds up agent and broker workflow for hundreds of thousands of Realtors across the U.S., according to Florida Realtors, the nation’s second largest Realtor association, which owns and operates Form Simplicity.

The new Form Simplicity was rolled out in stages between April and July 2019 to the associations it serves, including statewide to 187,000 Realtor members in Florida, 8,300 members of Arkansas Realtors Association, 2,300 members of Wyoming Association of Realtors, 7,300 members of Iowa Association of Realtors, and 10,300 members of Idaho Association of Realtors.

In addition to multiple transaction management tools, Form Simplicity includes unlimited access to eSign, its highly-secure electronic signature feature, an expanded set of broker management tools to simplify compliance and improve agent-broker workflow, and unlimited document storage.

Eric Forsman, Vice President of Technology Services at Florida Realtors, says that the Form Simplicity redesign is being “incredibly well-received by agents and brokers across the country.” Forsman notes that’s not a typical reaction when you make a change to something tens of thousands of real estate agents use every day.

Forsman says that one of the biggest improvements to the Form Simplicity redesign is speed. “The redesigned Form Simplicity is performing faster because it’s running on a new and modern application architecture, from hardware to software,” he explained.

The new, uncluttered look includes four key sections in the home page: Menu, Recent Transactions, Upcoming Tasks, and Useful Tools. Among the improvements:

  • Menu: The navigation menu has been grouped so that there are fewer tabs while retaining access to all the features.
  • Recent Transactions: A professional’s most recent transactions are visible and accessible from the home page. He or she can also create a new transaction from the home page. Moreover, the flow to creating a transaction will be smoother, with colorful buttons that are easy to identify, and an expanding page to view all information together instead of toggling through tabs.
  • Upcoming Tasks: All future tasks are color coded and available on the home page for easy access.
  • Useful Tools: Professionals can quickly locate the button to add a new contact, create clauses and more–right from the home page.

South Florida real estate broker Matthew Lemons says the new Form Simplicity has been a welcome change. “I just tried out the new Form Simplicity style now, and I have to say it is amazing. Love how convenient the new layout is. Extremely professional. I’ll be sticking with you guys for a long time,” Lemons said.

Peggy Hall, a Satellite Beach, Florida agent added, “I began using the new and improved Form Simplicity…(it’s a) super easy transition!” And Shermeka McSwain, a Cutler Bay, Florida agent said, “The recently updated changes are extremely great. Using the navigation, location of information and the program structure is very user-friendly.”

Perhaps the best part of the redesign says Tricia Stamper, Director of Technology for Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline, its sister operation, is what Form Simplicity has not changed. “Form Simplicity continues to offer all the great features agents and brokers already love,” she said. “Transaction management is no longer a nice to have but a must have, and that means, to serve the greatest number of agents and brokers possible, it needs to be easy to use and inviting. Our redesign is all about making Form Simplicity easier to navigate and so that it works on any device because that’s what agents and brokers want,” she added.

To assist Form Simplicity users, Florida Realtors is continuing to support both the old and new editions to help agents and brokers make a smooth transition to the latest version.

More information about Form Simplicity is available online at or by calling 888-784-5404. A new video demo is at

About Form Simplicity:
Form Simplicity serves the real estate industry by providing real estate professionals with an end-to-end, paperless real estate transaction management solution to expedite real estate transactions. Form Simplicity gives real estate agents and brokers the tools to create, manage, share, and store transactions digitally for on-the-go, fully digital transactions. Users can create and edit transactions on mobile devices.

Form Simplicity’s cloud-based platform is a cost-effective solution available to Realtor Associations, MLS systems, and brokerage firms nationwide. Tech Helpline, the real estate industry’s number one tech support service, supports Form Simplicity. Form Simplicity and Tech Helpline are wholly owned and operated by Florida Realtors based in Orlando, Fla.

Florida Realtors serves as the voice for real estate in Florida. The state’s largest professional trade association, providing programs, services, continuing education, research and legislative representation to some 187,000 members in 52 local and regional Realtor associations or boards in Florida.

Note: The term REALTOR® is a federally registered collective membership mark which identifies a real estate professional who is a member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® and subscribes to its strict Code of Ethics.

Media Contact:

Tricia Stamper
Director of Technology Products
Florida Realtors®
(407) 583-2714

Kevin Hawkins
for Form Simplicity
(206) 866-1220 cell/txt

Form Simplicity 
One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction management solutions, Form Simplicity, has deployed its newly redesigned application to more than 200,000 REALTORS® throughout FloridaIdahoWyomingSouth DakotaMassachusettsNew Jersey, and Iowa.

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Ron Stephan 1NEFAR offers 6,500+ professionals Form Simplicity Ultimate Edition as member benefit

Washington DC – May 10, 2016 – The Northeast Florida Association of Realtors is helping its more than 6,500 members extend their paperless capabilities, signing a long-term agreement with Florida Realtors® to provide its Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity – one of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction solutions – as a member benefit beginning in July. The announcement was made today during the National Association of REALTORS® Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo being held this week in Washington D.C.

“NEFAR members have long benefited from actively using the Professional Edition of Form Simplicity, as it’s a standard Florida Realtors benefit,” said Ron Stephan, CEO of RealtyWEB.Net, the entity that runs NEFAR’s Multiple Listing Service. “By empowering NEFAR members with the newest Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity, we are helping them expand their paperless activities for all of their property sales activities,” Stephan said.

Stephan notes that the Ultimate Edition includes unlimited access to eSign, the highly-secure electronic signature feature of Form Simplicity, and unlimited document storage. “We are providing NEFAR members with an end-to-end online forms process that eliminates the need for what is still too often a paper-intensive process,” he added.


Bill Martin, CEO of Florida Realtors, says he expects agents and brokers to “embrace going paperless,” explaining that the Ultimate Edition and its unlimited features will make Form Simplicity “the key go-to technology to help agents and brokers digitize their workflow.”

“Form Simplicity takes the parts of an agent’s or broker’s job that are commonly thought of as time-consuming and daunting and makes them much easier,” says Martin. “Enabling NEFAR members through the additional benefits and features found in the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity will mean that they will be able to spend more time helping consumers and less time tracking paperwork,” he adds. Continue reading

Form Simplicity MLS Integration

Members of Ft. Smith Board of REALTORS®, located in Arkansas, now have the ability to import MLS data directly into their forms. Whether they logged in to Form Simplicity or their MLS, the import function is now available, which eliminates the need to type the data manually.

In the MLS, the import function is available in the homepage and within each listing.

In Form Simplicity, the MLS Import feature is located in the Content tab of the active transaction. Members may learn how to import MLS data into an active transaction by logging into their account, selecting ‘HELP’ from the menu at the top of the page, and accessing the Knowledge Base.

When an expected crowd of 20,000 members of the National Association of REALTORS® gather in San Diego later this week for their annual conference, most will not be aware that one of their own associations has been rapidly distributing two homegrown, high-tech innovations across the nation.

Inside the REALTORS® Conference & Expo halls, Florida Realtors®, the nation’s second largest Realtor® state association with 140,000 members, will showcase not only the real estate industry’s number one technical support firm – Tech Helpline – but also one of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction solutions: Form Simplicity.

For full article:

ORLANDO, FL [October 1, 2015]: Form Simplicity, a web-based forms transaction management system for real estate professionals, announces an agreement with the St. Augustine/St. Johns Association of REALTORS®.  The association has chosen to provide Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition as a member benefit to its base of 800 real estate agents and broker members.

Form Simplicity provides real estate professionals with an end-to-end online real estate forms process for expediting real estate transactions while eliminating the need for paper processes. Form Simplicity gives real estate professionals the ability to quickly create, edit, organize, and store forms online for residential and commercial transactions. Additionally, brokers use Form Simplicity’s broker tools to manage, track and approve agents’ transactions. Continue reading

One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction solutions, Form Simplicity, has added Broker Transaction Management into its cloud-based platform. Broker Transaction Management creates a single place inside Form Simplicity for real estate brokers to manage, review, approve, track and store every agent’s transaction activity from beginning to end.

For full article: