Brokers, Associations, MLSs:

Let us turn your company’s paper forms into fillable, electronic versions, accessible only to you and your team with Form Simplicity. Your agents/members can have the most up-to-date versions of your forms. Accessible anytime, anywhere with Internet access, via Form Simplicity.

A library of forms that are unique to your company/association/MLS, accessible only by your agents/members.

We can program them to have:
• FillableText Fields
• Check Boxes
• Radio Buttons
• Calculations

A time-saving solution for REALTORS®.

Fees apply according to the number of fillable fields per page and calculations needed to be programmed. Contact us for a quote, or place your order below.

Placing your order.

Thank you for choosing Form Simplicity. We want to make the programming of your forms for use in the Form Simplicity Library a smooth and efficient process.


You Will Receive a Confirmation Email as Soon as Your Order is Placed. You will also be asked to sign a content license agreement, allowing Form Simplicity to program your forms.

Here are the guidelines for submitting forms for programming. Following these will help our Forms Production team facilitate the processing of your forms.

  • Form Titles: Please submit Form Title names exactly how you would like them to appear in your Form Simplicity Library.
  • File Format: Microsoft Word files produce the cleanest programming result. PDF files are acceptable but are uploaded differently into the programming software and can encounter conversion errors, especially if they are scans.
  • Text/Fonts: We use 10 or 12 point fonts to display input characters, Arial (a non-serif font) and Times New Roman (a serif font), the most commonly available and used fonts across a variety of computers.
  • Fillable Fields: Please make sure text fields on the form you plan to have programmed are long enough to accommodate the maximum number of characters you would like to appear in that field. Please make this adjustment before submitting your form.
  • Mapping: In order for each field to map correctly, the entire field must be on a single page. This is especially important for large fields that are meant to accept clauses.
  • Check Boxes vs. Radio Buttons: A radio button is used when only one choice of several checkboxes is permitted (i.e., Check One). A check box is used when multiple checkboxes can be selected. (i.e., Choose as Many as Apply).
  • Logos: If there is a logo on your form, please submit a file with that logo. You can upload it on the new Online Order Form. The picture format can be .png (produces the best quality) or .jpg .jpeg.
  • Calculations: If there are fields that you want to show calculations, indicate which fields they are and what format you would like the end calculation to reflect. (Monetary, percentage, etc.)
  • Revisions: The best way to submit revisions to forms is in a red-lined MS Word file. If a red-lined MS Word version is not available, please mark all revisions to the existing form clearly on the updated MS Word file or a PDF file. Please note, it is more expedient to revise a form when the changes are marked, than it is to build the entire form again.

You will always have the opportunity to review your finished forms before they are available to your members or agents in the Form Simplicity Library.