5 Problems that Form Simplicity Helps Brokers Resolve

5 Problems that Form Simplicity Helps Brokers Resolve

A transaction management solution does more than move brokers and their agents from a paper-based to a more efficient digital transaction. A transaction management program like Form Simplicity, which offers brokers an array of tools at no additional cost, helps brokers resolve some of their most pressing problems.

Let’s look at the most common problems Form Simplicity helps brokers tackle:

1. Do cumbersome, long, and complicated transactions consume too much of your time?

Until you have used a digital transaction management solution, it’s hard to imagine how Form Simplicity can simplify paperwork. With Form Simplicity, brokers and office managers can:

  • Set up transaction templates for the office
  • Set up customizable checklists for Broker Review
  • Create assistant accounts and give them permissions and access to features
  • Look into each agent’s account to assist them as needed

Paperwork becomes a lot less taxing of your time and effort – especially with more complicated transactions – with unmatched ease of access to the information you need to assist quickly and keep the deal moving forward.

Discover more details about how brokers benefit here.

2. Some agents need a lot more tech help than others. Do you have agents resisting making a move away from paper?

Brokers, agents, and clients all have different levels of technical experience and abilities. Form Simplicity facilitates transaction management by providing a solution that works for all by using a mix of digital and print options to support the agent and client.

That’s why users compliment Form Simplicity for how easy it easy is to use and to navigate—even for the least tech-savvy user

The most significant advantage that Form Simplicity offers over other real estate transaction management software: it provides the best customer and technical support. Tech Helpline, the No. 1 technology support service, offers an outstanding tech support team to help brokers and their agents every step of the way. This allows brokers to support their agents without having to spend time helping to troubleshoot issues.

With Form Simplicity, agents and brokers can have access to:

  • Smart, digital forms that reduce errors and time spent typing
  • Print, Download, and Email options
  • Digital signature feature
  • Friendly tech support by the No. 1 real estate tech service

Discover more details about Tech Helpline here.

3. Is your current transaction management platform bloated with all the bells and whistles, making it complicated to use?

For brokers who struggle with complicated platforms, Form Simplicity provides a simpler digital solution because it is more intuitive and efficient.

Form Simplicity is also easy to use by both staff and agents. Because the work is automatically organized for you, everyone knows exactly what the next step is. No more missed steps or misfiled paperwork to slow down a transaction!

Form Simplicity can give both agents and staff peace of mind as:

  • Brokers can set up a review process for transactions to ensure their agents have correctly documented and closed the transactions, mitigating risk.
  • Agents can set up tasks to be reminded of what the next step is for each transaction.
  • Brokers can provide unlimited eSign and document storage to give their agents a digital signature solution.

Review all of the broker tools and features here.

4. Are you struggling with agent and staff adoption of your transaction management solution?

For brokers who have agents struggling to adapt and adopt, Form Simplicity provides a superior support team to assist everyone in your office.

Known for its industry-leading integration capabilities and successful rollout program, Form Simplicity can help your brokerage accelerate quick adoption, eliminating user confusion and the business delays this can cause.

With Form Simplicity, every broker gets:

  • A designated and experienced technician to help you set up your firm
  • Access to live webinars
  • Exceptional tech support via Tech Helpline at launch and beyond

Learn more about Form Simplicity advantages for brokers here.

5. Does your transaction management program provider help you promote your brand, or do you look like your competitors?

For brokers who want to stand out from the competition, Form Simplicity provides options to showcase your brand.

Form Simplicity understands the value and power of brand recognition.

That’s why with Form Simplicity, brokers can:

  • Add brokerage logos on forms (where permitted)
  • Customize signatures on emails sent from the platform
  • Offer their own library of forms

Form Simplicity’s broker management tools are packed with features, helping brokers every step of the way. It’s no longer as safe, cost-efficient, and effective for brokers to remain paper-based.

But Form Simplicity understands that brokers need help making the transition to the right transaction management solution. That’s where we excel: helping brokers solve some of their most challenging problems when making the switch.

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