5 Reasons Top Agents Love Using Transaction Management Software & Why You Should, Too

5 Reasons Top Agents Love Using Transaction Management Software & Why You Should, Too

If there’s a silver lining during the pandemic for all real estate agents, it’s the accelerated adoption of digital tech tools. As an industry, real estate agents rapidly embraced more technology to help them work remotely in the last seven months than they have in the past seven years.

Top agents often are at the forefront of using digital tools such as transaction management software. At Form Simplicity, one of the most popular transaction management software systems, we work with top agents every day.

After all, Form Simplicity is owned and operated by Florida Realtors®. Successful agents recognize that superior customer service is core to their business. Without leveraging digital tools, customer service would have suffered, and real estate sales would have stalled during the pandemic instead of setting new sales volume records. That’s why we built Form Simplicity in the cloud so that agents can manage all of their business online, from start to finish.

Here are 5 reasons top agents love using a transaction management software such as Form Simplicity:

1. Faster for everyone

Think about all of the steps you have to take to create a new transaction. The old way is just plain slow: filling in forms by hand and having to input the same information, again and again, creating file folders and labels, printing out every document from all third parties, including email – then filling it all and afterwards, doing it all again as new information is added and emails are received. It can be a massive drain on your time and energy.

The new way, with a transaction management program like Form Simplicity, you can create transactions with lightning speed. It’s a godsend, especially for busy real estate pros, like you. In seconds, you can create templates, and groups of frequently used forms with pre-populated information. These smart forms mean you only enter data just once – such as the property address or client’s names – as the rest of the same fields automatically fill in for you.

How fast is fast? Imagine that all the basic information you need imports from many MLSs automatically: enter the property’s MLS number and click. That means less typing for you and more opportunities to do what you do best. Using a transaction management system means less time pushing paper and more time helping people buy and sell homes.

Plus, working digitally with vital third parties such as title and closing agents means getting documentation faster. That can speed up every one of your transactions and keeps everything in one place for each transaction.

2. Safer way to protect personal information

You have a couple of choices. You can fill your file cabinet with transaction folders stuff to the brim, or you can go digital. Do you always remember to lock your file drawers? Are they fireproof too? Agents using transaction management software never have to worry about how safe and secure all of their information is. Your Library of Forms, a feature in Form Simplicity, is always up-to-date, protecting you from using an outdated form. This reduces the risk for you and your clients. Bank-level online security, including redundant data centers for data protection and two-factor authentication access for security, gives you peace of mind knowing all of your information – and your client’s personal information – is both safe and highly secure.

3. Easier than working with paper

Have you ever had to drive to the office at 11:00 pm to retrieve a key document? Or run around town hunting down signatures? You’ll never do those things again with a real estate transaction management software like Form Simplicity. Having everything in the cloud gives you access any time and any place you have internet access, including on your favorite mobile device. With options like unlimited storage, you may run out of space in your file cabinet, but you’ll never run out of document storage room with Form Simplicity. So, if you are tired of using rubber bands to keep documents from falling out of a bulging transaction folder, it’s time to use a transaction management program to organize your business better.

4. Better for the environment

We’re not talking about cleaning up a messy office desk, but Form Simplicity will do that too. We’re talking about saving trees, making going paperless a good feeling for you and good for our planet. One ream of paper – 500 sheets – uses about 5% of an average tree’s trunk. But how many reams of paper does your office use? Now think about all the paper documents from others – title firms, appraisals, inspectors, closing agents. When you consider how vital trees are to our ecosystem – they improve soil quality, fight climate change, prevent erosion, provide shade, and create oxygen – going digital is a big deal. Reducing your paper footprint is simply the right thing to do for you and your business.

5. Smoother transactions

If you know the frustration of searching through emails trying to track down an elusive negotiation detail, you need to know that experience can become part of your past – forever. Using a transaction management program such as Form Simplicity, everything related to each transaction is in one folder, including all emails. Most importantly, it’s searchable. Going digital overcomes many of the glitches caused by a paper-based transaction.

You also can put away your calculator. In Form Simplicity, the forms are programmed to do the math for you. That means no more math mistakes and the time you’ll waste fixing them. With features that allow real-time collaboration with your clients and third parties, a digital transaction is smoother than a paper-based one.

And if something does go wrong, you have access to the No. 1 tech support team in real estate with Tech Helpline ready to step in and assist. With over 300+ years of combined IT experience, the friendly analysts at Tech Helpline understand your business as they work with agents like you every day.

Going digital, before the pandemic, was often thought of as being optional. Today, agents know that digital technology is now essential to their business. Agents have discovered that their productivity goes up once they go paperless with a transaction management program, and their business gets better.

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