5 Tips to Creating Calls to Action That Work!

5 Tips to Creating Calls to Action That Work!

How many e-mails do you receive daily that promise you high quality leads to generate business? Now ask around, how many people actually see a cost/benefit to these services?

Especially now more than ever is the time to stand out above the crowd to give your audience the answers they are looking for when searching on the internet. The benefit is that now YOU can provide the Information that will generate leads rather than lay out huge sums of money that may not work for you. And it all starts with powerful Calls To Action that will work for you and your individual market.

Let’s begin by defining what we mean by “Call To Action.”  In the marketing world, a Call To Action (CTA) refers to “the next step.”  In this case, it is the next step a real estate agent/team/broker wants its audience to take that will generate leads, calls, and ultimately… sales!

Where do you use them? On all your marketing material. Whether on your business cards, your website, landing pages, giveaways, mailers, Facebook ads, etc. It’s the next step you want your potential client to take after they read your marketing material. So, whether you are asking them to call you or visit your website, a good CTA gets the reader to take the action you named.

Now let’s set you up for success with these 5 tips:

1. Consider Your Audience

 What type of client are you looking to reach? Think carefully and write down who your ideal client is when you are creating your marketing messages. Are your looking for Seller or Buyers? Homeowners or Investors?

Create content and marketing messages that specifically target the segment of the market that you are looking to develop. What is your area of specialty? Working with buyers that have Pets? Veterans? Couples looking to downsize? Match the content and message with your market.

2. Keep It Simple

Also, keep it short and sweet. Do not use long words or sentences.

Here is an example of a long CTA, which you should avoid: Click Here To Receive Hot Properties In_______ (your city) For Less Than ______ (put in a price)

Shorter CTA: Check Out these Condos from Only $50,000

The shorter the message, the easier to read, and the faster you move your prospect to the next step.

3. Use a Strong Command Verb to Start the Call To Action

Name the action you want them to take right away. Ex. Find, Discover, Download. Call.

And make it easy to find. Don’t hide the action in the middle of a paragraph. Make sure it stands out in your copy & design.

4. Give Your Audience a Reason to Take a Desired Action

Most people are not going to take the time to look at your website or contact you unless you are offering them something that is interesting, informative and relevant to them. Entice them to take the next step by offering them valuable and relevant information. Make it clear to them what they get — the benefit to them — for taking the action.

5. And then Give Accurate and Relevant information as Promised

Many agents use CTAs on advertising material, and it does get the audience to engage. Yet the CTAs take the audience to irrelevant information that does not match what they were promised they would get. Such as properties that are nowhere near the price point in the CTA.  Whatever you are using as a Call to Action needs to be true at the time you are launching it and for as long as you are using it. If you asked them to click on a link, and when they do it takes them to a landing page which does not have anything close to the information you promised, then say goodbye to that potential client.

Top Calls to Action in Real Estate

These are examples that have worked for many agents around the country. Adjust the Numbers and Type of Property (Condo, Single Family, Co-op, Waterfront) according to your individual market.

  1. Click here for a Free- Home Valuation
  2. Find Out What Your Property Is Worth
  3. Sign Up Here for Property Updates
  4. Check out these Foreclosure Properties from Only $50,000
  5. Explore these Waterfront Properties from Only $150,000
  6. Buy your next home for less than you are paying rent
  7. Subscribe now for free tips on buying foreclosures and short sales
  8. Watch This Free Video!
  9. Download these Free Staging Tips to get the Most for Your Home
  10. See what we do differently to help our clients find their dream homes
  11. Take Our Home Buyers/Quiz/ Poll
  12. Download The 10 Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make
  13. Connect with Us Now

Remember that the above examples are a tool to begin with and test to see what works best in your market.

You can also use a site to find the best words or phrases that work in your market. What works for someone in New York may not work for someone in Michigan. If it does not work right away, don’t despair or think that it was a waste of time. The top marketing and advertising agencies spend lots of time and money to test what works for their clients. You can do the same with tools like Google Ad Words.

Bonus tip: Have a Website that Represents You and the Value You Offer

Last year, the typical buyer began their property search online.

Given that we have moved even more towards a digital world, it behooves you to make sure you have a great website.

Many real estate agents are using their company websites exclusively, which primarily promote their company, which is fine as long as you can put your personal brand on it as well.

Other agents are using packaged websites that don’t clearly present their unique value proposition.

Have a website that is about you, the benefits of the company you work with and what you deliver. Be clear about what makes you different from other agents. Testimonials are a great addition also. And be sure your website is mobile responsive and adheres to the WCAG guidelines for ADA.

Another bonus tip

Eventually, your prospects may become clients. When that happens, it is beneficial to have a trustworthy transaction management and electronic signature provider. Form Simplicity is a trusted real estate transaction management software industry because it is Pro-Realtor. And it’s integrated eSign feature is very secure and cost a lot less than other electronic signature providers.

Written for Form Simplicity by Janice Zaltman, a Realtor, LEED AP, Marketing Coach and Writer with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing and media fields.

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