6 Key Steps to Jumpstart 2021

6 Key Steps to Jumpstart 2021

Wow, it’s 2021. Sometimes it may feel like we are in a science fiction movie with all the stress and impact from 2020 and the first two weeks of the year. Nevertheless, every day and every year we can begin anew and re-create the business and life that we have envisioned for ourselves, our family, community and our world.

Today, there is a lot of competition for your real estate business; that’s why staying relevant and top-of-mind when someone needs your services is the place to start. Here are six tasks that produce High ROIs (Return on Investment).

#1 Send Market Reports

Everyone likes to know what their property is worth and how the market is doing. Those are among the first questions people ask when someone learns you are in real estate. For this reason, I recommend sending market reports monthly or when there is a recent sale in the neighborhood.

Every market is unique and can differ from one county to the next. NAR offers Market Reports as one of the benefits of being a REALTOR®. Market Statistics can also be available through your state or local REALTOR® associations also. Check with them to see if local market reports is available with your membership dues.

#2 Send E-Newsletters

A monthly newsletter keeps you top of mind with leads and clients. You may think that our contacts’ inboxes are so bombarded each day, that sending a monthly newsletter is not important. Yet, it’s consistency that counts. You may not hear from the recipient each time they receive your newsletter, yet when you provide relevant content and photos, demonstrating your expertise and professionalism, it works in establishing you as their local expert.

 #3 Engage in Social Media

Have you been hesitant about taking a deep dive and swimming in the world of social media to grow your business? NAR (National Association of REALTORS®) cites that social media generates the highest-quality leads.

Currently, these are the top platforms for Real Estate Agents:

#1- Facebook

#2- LinkedIn

#3- Instagram

Pick one platform and run with it until you feel comfortable enough to take on another one. It is better to be consistent when posting than sporadic. To better organize yourself, consider using a content calendar to schedule your posts. There are paid and free options for creating your own content and scheduling them in advance. There are also companies that will create content for you. Choose what works for you based on your time and budget.

#4 Call Your Database

Every person in our lives has a preferred way of communicating– whether via text, e-mail or the phone. Yet, in today’s world, picking up the phone and saying hello, and connecting from a voice-to-voice, human level is underestimated these days. It can make the world of difference in people’s lives. If you have not spoken with a lead or client in a while, consider calling them. If they don’t answer, leave them a message; then call again after a few days or whenever you feel is appropriate.

Here’s an example: One agent had been trying to reach a past client for months, on her home phone and cellphone with no success, and leaving messages. This particular client does not listen to her messages, and if you do not connect with her while she is at home and not running around, then you may never reach her. Yet, she was so happy to hear from the real estate agent and give an update on her family and her property once they did connect. The agent learned that her client’s husband had died, and she was now looking to downsize. Although the client was feeling sad, she was also happy to connect with her agent. The lesson here is to never give up reaching out to your network.

#5 Master your CRM (Contact Management System)

Having a CRM (Contact Management System) is essential to running your business effectively. It helps you focus on your business by providing a place where you can manage and organize all the contacts in your database. The best CRM is the one you use! Once you have your CRM in place, then it is time to master it and nurture those contacts with good follow-up campaigns. Consider using a paid version, which gives you the ability to send out monthly newsletters, emails, and property updates to your database as outlined at the beginning of this article. It is an investment in your business.

#6 Invest in Training

Take time each week for training. Many times, these trainings are offered for FREE. You just have to invest your time. Training opportunities may be with your local association, title company, or with Real Estate Coaches both locally and nationally.

The training is there for you to learn and master both real estate and the tools you use in your business. Many associations offer free CE’s for your license renewal. They may also have top-producing agents speak or a panel of agents so you can learn the secrets to their success. Your local and state real estate associations are there to serve you, the member. Take advantage of the tools they offer as part of your membership.

Transaction Management solutions, CRMs, and other tools you use in real estate also provide training opportunities or have tutorials online. Invest in your business and make the time to learn how to use and master the tools you use in your business. Form Simplicity offers FREE, live webinar trainings with short video tutorials for you to learn on demand. Learn what Form Simplicity can offer you.

In a highly mobile business, all your client’s transaction information can be managed in one place along with all necessary documents. No more searching for documents across multiple platforms. Form Simplicity also offers the ability for you and your clients to e-sign via smartphone or computer. Check it out today!

Written for Form Simplicity by Janice Zaltman, a Realtor, LEED AP, Marketing Coach and Writer with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing, and media fields.

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