Broker Transaction Management: Comply & Track

Broker Transaction Management: Comply & Track

Millions of real estate agents have already gone paperless by using a transaction management solution; today, brokers also can streamline many of their most essential business management processes digitally as well, if they adopt the right broker transaction management program.

One of the key drivers for deciding on which broker transaction management program a brokerage or MLS should select for their agents is a deep dive into what that transaction management solution does for brokers, as well as what it costs. That’s because there is a significant difference between offerings today in terms of the tools, costs, and benefits for brokers.

Built-in Broker Tools

Last year, Form Simplicity, one of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction solutions – and created for Realtors by Realtors – added Broker Transaction Management features. From a single place inside Form Simplicity, brokers can manage, review, approve, track and store every agent’s transaction activity from beginning to end. While some transaction managements charge extra for these broker tools for the peace of mind they deliver, Form Simplicity integrates all these broker features at no extra cost.

For a broker, the benefits from these built-in features are big, especially when it comes to compliance. Form Simplicity Real Estate Management Software brokers tools helps reduce risk through a customizable, automated, paperless review process to help brokerages remain compliant. Moreover, brokers are operating in a collaborative environment, working digitally with each agent throughout the transaction process to ensure accuracy across the streamlined workflow. At their fingertips, brokers can see email and text correspondence for every transaction; that transparency gives brokers visibility into each agent’s transaction activity, and allows brokers to evaluate, comment on and approve all forms digitally submitted by their agents.

Let’s take a look at a couple of examples of what a broker sees inside Form Simplicity.

Broker review and approval – Broker Transaction Management

Form Simplicity provides easy navigation for brokers to quickly find and approve a transaction submitted by an agent for approval. Using search or submitted status – Pending Review, Incomplete or Complete – to locate a transaction, brokers can swiftly review and/or approve each transaction, or instruct agents to finish certain tasks.

The broker transaction management review process, as shown below, is color coded so brokers can see what action needs their immediate attention. In a matter of clicks, this digitally driven process can both save a broker an enormous amount of time and protect a broker in terms of compliance requirements.

Making it easy for agents

Real estate transaction management software only works if it is as easy for agents as it is for the broker. In just a few steps and clicks, agents can send their transactions for digital review and approval inside Form Simplicity.

The graphics below show how easy it is for an agent to send a file for broker review:

Offering such broker transaction management features as drag and drop reduces the amount of time an agent spends gathering all the documents for broker review:


Once the agent adds all the documents and the checklist created is complete, sending it on for broker review is completed in just one click:

The bottom line

Compliance for brokers can be both time-consuming and daunting. Form Simplicity not only gives agents more time to do their real jobs — spend more time to help consumers and less time stuck at their desks – it also eliminates an enormous amount of paperwork for the broker. That’s why when MLSs and brokerages look to select a transaction management solution, they need to make sure it addresses the brokers needs, as well as agent needs.

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