Digitally Complete Your Transactions End-to-End With Form Simplicity

Digitally Complete Your Transactions End-to-End With Form Simplicity

Technology that helps us work remotely is more important today than ever as clients shelter in place, and the majority of real estate brokers and agents work solely out of their homes.

If you are a broker and don’t provide all of your agents a real estate transaction management software like Form Simplicity to help them complete transactions end-to-end, you need to provide one now. You can no longer afford to wait.

Even after real estate pros are allowed to return to their brokerage offices, many clients still will want to do as much of the real estate transaction online as possible.

Think about it. Tens of millions of families – members from every generation – have adapted and adopted digital technology over the last couple of months. They have held Zoom meetings, switched to doing banking on their phones, made their most significant purchases online, and spent hundreds of extra hours in front of a computer screen.

Today’s unprecedented events have accelerated America’s collective technology learning curve, and we are about to see a new normal as digital transactions move to the status quo.

Why now is the perfect time to jump all-in

One of the greatest impediments for agents and brokers to adopt transaction management solutions, like most new technologies, is fear of the learning curve. You are too busy with transactions to change over to an entirely new system midstream.

Even the name “transaction management” sounds overwhelming. But it is not. And now is the time that brokers and agents are sharpening their saws. It’s time to sharpen yours.

We redesigned Form Simplicity to make your transition from a manual, paper-intensive process to an end-to-end digital one that connects everyone. Your clients only have access to the documents they need. Others you are working with have online access 24/7 to what they need.

Using a solution like Form Simplicity gives you control of every step of the transaction from anywhere you have access to the internet. And brokers-owners can monitor it all with built-in compliance features that help keep everyone out of hot water.

Benefits to you and your clients

With smart forms, you just input the property’s MLS number, and it imports the property data and populates to all the transaction forms at once. You won’t need a calculator as the forms also do all the math for you.

No more searching for that missing client email or text, and you won’t have to download documents as everything automatically goes into one place with Form Simplicity. You can even

collaborate online in real-time, allowing clients and others involved to send you their comments of the contracts without the need for long email trails.

At no additional cost, Form Simplicity gives you access to all your forms from your smartphone or tablet.

A transaction management solution gives you a place for everything and everything in one place for every transaction, online, all the time. With an end-to-end digital transaction, you will save time and money, but more importantly, it is what your clients are going to expect.

Digital signing + the best tech support

Perhaps the biggest game-changer for clients who have never benefited from an agent who uses a transaction management solution is giving clients the ability to sign documents securely and digitally. Once your clients esign, they will wonder why they can’t do it for everything.

With the Ultimate edition of Form Simplicity, you can go 100% paperless with unlimited digital signatures and unlimited document storage. Clients can sign from anywhere they can connect to the internet with any device.

And unlike many “free” digital signature services, esigning with Form Simplicity is safe and secure, with multiple authentication options, audit logs, and a tamper-proof seal for independent verification. Form Simplicity digital signatures exceed all security thresholds published by the banking industry and federal regulations.

The game-changer for many agents is the unmatched tech support that comes with Form Simplicity. It’s provided by real estate’s No. 1 tech support service, Tech Helpline, known for its friendly team of U.S.-based agents. Support comes from a team with almost 300 years of combined IT experience.

You will never go back, and neither will your clients

Digital real estate transaction management software has been around for many years. The difference today is an unexpected acceleration of the need for this technology for both professionals and their clients. Making the most of the opportunity today provides for you and your business to adopt and adapt to digital transactions for your business.

Once you experience an end-to-end digital transaction, you will never go back, and neither will your clients.

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