Transaction Management Update: Form Simplicity Gets a Brand-New Look

Transaction Management Update: Form Simplicity Gets a Brand-New Look

One of the real estate industry’s most popular and advanced paperless transaction management solutions, Form Simplicity, recently released its newly redesigned application to more than 200,000 REALTORS® nationwide.

The update to Form Simplicity is more than just a designed facelift. The changes improve transaction productivity and speed up agent and broker workflow.

Florida Realtors®, the nation’s second-largest Realtor state association that owns and operates Form Simplicity, rolled out the newest version in stages between April and July. Today, 187,000 Realtor members in Florida, 8,300 members of Arkansas Realtors Association, 2,300 members of Wyoming Association of Realtors, 7,300 members of Iowa Association of Realtors, and 10,300 members of Idaho Association of Realtors all have access to the newest version.

A robust transaction management platform, Form Simplicity’s Ultimate Edition includes unlimited access to eSign, its highly-secure electronic signature feature, an expanded set of broker management tools to simplify compliance and improve agent-broker workflow, and unlimited document storage.

Form Simplicity’s new, uncluttered look includes four key sections in the home page: Menu, Recent Transactions, Upcoming Tasks, and Useful Tools. Among the improvements:

  • Menu: The navigation menu has been grouped so that there are fewer tabs while retaining access to all the features.
  • Recent Transactions: A professional’s most recent transactions are visible and accessible from the home page. He or she can also create a new transaction from the home page. Moreover, the flow to creating a transaction will be smoother, with colorful buttons that are easy to identify, and an expanding page to view all information together instead of toggling through tabs.
  • Upcoming Tasks: All future tasks are color-coded and available on the home page for easy access.
  • Useful Tools: Professionals can quickly locate the button to add a new contact, create clauses and more — right from the home page.

The initial launch has generated an avalanche of positive comments, as it is being incredibly well-received by agents and brokers across the country. The most common observation: it’s faster than ever. That’s because Form Simplicity is running on a new and modern application architecture, from hardware to software.

Change is never easy, especially when making major changes to something tens of thousands of agents and brokers use every day as the backbone of their business. But rank-in-file agents are expressing their support – and delight.

Matthew Lemons, a South Florida real estate broker, notes that the new Form Simplicity has been a welcome change. “I just tried out the new Form Simplicity style now, and I have to say it is amazing. Love how convenient the new layout is. Extremely professional. I’ll be sticking with you guys for a long time,” Lemons said.

Satellite Beach, Florida agent Peggy Hall added, “I began using the new and improved Form Simplicity…(it’s a) super easy transition!” And Shermeka McSwain, a Cutler Bay, Florida agent said, “The recently updated changes are extremely great. Using the navigation, location of information and the program structure is very user-friendly.”

Real estate agents also appreciate what hasn’t changed with the new Form Simplicity redesign. All the great features agents and brokers already love remains the same, and the new redesign is giving added attention to how important transaction management is today.

Transaction management is no longer a nice to have but a must-have for real estate agents and brokers. For any real estate transaction management software to effectively serve the greatest number of agents and brokers possible, it needs to be easy to use and inviting. The redesign of Form Simplicity is all about making it easier to navigate, and making sure that it works on any device, because that’s what agents and brokers tell us they want.

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