3 Simple Ways for Realtors to Stay Organized

3 Simple Ways for Realtors to Stay Organized

They say organization is the key to efficiency; easy enough to say if you’ve never worked in the real estate industry. It seems like clutter and massive paper trails are as much a part of the job description as house showings are. Being disorganized with your forms, receipts, business cards and other documents can not only cause you more stress, it can also make you significantly less productive.

A 2010 study polled 800 U.S. employees on the correlation between productivity and organization. It found that over $89 billion dollars are lost throughout U.S. businesses every year because of the time that employees waste searching for misplaced paperwork.

It clearly pays to invest in your organizational methods. Not being able to find a specific page in a client’s paperwork or forgetting to reply to an important email is detrimental to the speed at which you conduct business. And in the real estate industry, time is of the essence. Before you lose valuable time or even lose a valuable client, check out these tips to help you avoid stress and stay on top of your growing business.

  1. Digitally Organize Documents. Piles of documents on your desk don’t turn into the Eiffel Tower overnight. They start off as one or two papers and gradually grow, and before you know it you’re having to dig tunnels to reach your printer. With a cloud-based real estate transaction management software like Form Simplicity, you can organize your documents by transaction name, file name, date or folder. Going paperless takes the hassle out of having bulky file cabinets. Since it’s cloud-based, with the Ultimate Edition you never have to worry about running out of storage on your computer.
  2. Email or Fax Documents directly to the client’s Transaction. With Form Simplicity’s Professional and Ultimate Edition, your clients can Email or Fax their documents directly to the active transaction you have created for them. This serves two purposes: First, it keeps all transaction documents and correspondence neatly stored together in one location, so they are easy for you to find, and Second, the emails are saved for broker review and compliance.
  3. Manage your tasks. As your client base grows, so does your daily to-do list. With Form Simplicity, you can create tasks for your transactions, and you’ll receive emails reminding you of the tasks when their date is due.  For on the go management, try digital calendars like Google Calendar, or Folio, a Chrome extension. It can help you keep track of all the different tasks that come up while conducting business with all your clients. Manage your schedule digitally and never miss a task, appointment or call again.

For a real estate agent, paperwork, dates and emails build up quickly and can become astoundingly cluttered if you neglect to organize them. Start the decluttering process today and get peace of mind with Form Simplicity.

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