Introducing Form Simplicity’s Broker Transaction Management Enhancements


In line with our mission to constantly improve the transaction workflow for real estate agents nationwide, Form Simplicity is delighted to announce a recent upgrade of the broker transaction management process within the Broker View settings. The layout has been revamped and updated to include a simple and easier-to-understand process for submitting files for review, a customizable checklist for brokers, and better tracking of agents’ and brokers’ communications throughout the transaction review to ensure compliance and legal procedures are followed.

Within the new upgrade, brokers have the ability to create a customizable checklist for their agents to follow when submitting transactions for review. The list features multiple transaction components, such as a residential lease or HOA agreement and does not allow the agent to submit the transaction for review until all required documents have been uploaded. As the agent uploads signed parts of the contract into Form Simplicity, the contract changes color depending on the status, such as red for required, yellow for added, and purple for additional files. Once the contract has all necessary files uploaded, and the agent has completed all desired notes to their broker, the contract is submitted and under review once the broker opens the file.

In the Transaction Management tab, the Broker can review all files he/she has been designated to view. Once the contract has been reviewed, the Broker, or delegated reviewer, checks off the section as completed or needs work. The broker or reviewer is notified of various notes in each section and can write notes back to the agent. There is also a new “view all” button which allows the broker to see all files as one PDF document for easier readership.

“Utilizing the foundation of our original broker review process, we were able to enhance this feature to make it more robust while keeping in line with the simplicity and ease of use of our previous broker submittal feature. This will allow current users of this feature to be able to continue submitting and reviewing transactions without skipping a beat, and results in a minimal learning curve for any new brokerages looking to incorporate it into their paperless workflow,” said Product Development Manager Jason Schatz.

Additionally, a feature that was launched earlier this Summer, Email and Text Message Tracking, is a vital piece to Form Simplicity’s real estate transaction management software, since it tracks and logs all emails and text messages connected to each transaction.

The new Broker features are currently available on Form Simplicity for all Professional and Ultimate Edition users.

Watch the tutorial video now

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