Redesigned Form Simplicity Makes Working Remotely Easier Than Ever

Redesigned Form Simplicity Makes Working Remotely Easier Than Ever

Form Simplicity, the only transaction management solution built by real estate pros for real estate pros and still owned 100% by a Realtor Association, makes working remotely easier than ever.

Across the country, agents and brokers are switching to the redesigned version of Form Simplicity as they rapidly adapt to all things digital.

Many are attending Webinars hosted by Technology Training Manager Kaz Cisowski. Kaz reports he has had more people attend Form Simplicity training in the last four months than all of last year. “People are hungry to learn right now,” Kaz says, who has already trained about 7,500 professionals.

As agents and brokers nationwide hone their digital skills in record numbers, most are telling Kaz that the latest version of Form Simplicity is much easier to use. “They tell me that Form Simplicity has become a lot less ‘click-ish,'” pans Kaz, noting that its improved user interface which means fewer clicks for agents to create forms or navigate the program.

Kaz, a former real estate agent, can personally relate to changes made in Form Simplicity to help optimize an agent’s workflow, and he explains that during his two-hour Form Simplicity class. He walks agents through the steps to set up transaction forms and configure them once to save them time on every future transaction.

He notes that when agents learn how to automatically import essential property data from the MLS to across all their transaction forms, they are hooked. “Every agent wants to know what’s in it for them – to switch to the new Form Simplicity,” Kaz explains.

As being able to work remotely took on a whole new meaning starting in March, Kaz is delighted to see how agents react when they see that From Simplicity is remarkably mobile-friendly. He demonstrates this during his webinar on an iPad.

When agents learn that they also can use their phones to create transactions or to monitor the transaction status, they are surprised – and delighted. “Some agents had no idea you could use Form Simplicity on your phone,” he said.

Change is hard for everyone, so Kaz spends time during his training going through the things that some agents have become accustomed to with an earlier version of Form Simplicity. But once he walks them through the logic in why the changes were made, agents embrace the redesign as they can see first-hand how the improvements have made Form Simplicity more intuitive.

And sometimes, Kaz notes, little changes can make a big difference for some agents and brokers. One example, he says, is when he demonstrates “how to sort transactions by the last time it was updated, so they appear in descending order, most recent to oldest, something you couldn’t do before.” Giving agents these filters makes it more powerful and practical, he explains.

But perhaps the most crucial element Kaz brings to his online training is fun: he lightens the load by interjecting humor, where appropriate, to make the classes not only educational but a little more entertaining.

“What I really want to do in my class is help people master the paperless real estate transaction,” Kaz says. “By teaching them how to set up their preferences, making sure they understand how to use eSign, and going over their eSign templates. We go over all the things they can do in advance, so they don’t have to do extra work when they do each signing,” he says, adding, “It’s all about creating that optimal workflow for each agent.”

For his broker training, Kaz focuses on two things that are important to those who run brokerages: How to use Form Simplicity to reduce risk and remain compliant. Since Form Simplicity is often a member benefit provided by their MLS or Association, Kaz notes that with the increased appetite for training, “A lot of members are starting to understand the value of going digital and say, “Hey, I can do this, and it does not cost me an extra penny.”

Kaz says that with so many agents discovering what they need to work remotely, they appreciate now more than ever software solutions that are easy to use. “Form Simplicity helps agents stay organized, and they can always see what they didn’t do yet,” he says.

Understanding the practical benefits of a digital real estate transaction management software for agents comes down to seeing it in action. Kaz has given thousands of Realtors nationwide a front-row seat to see the advantages offered by the redesign and is gearing up to host webinars for thousands more.

Check with your Association or MLS to see if they offer Form Simplicity as a member benefit and when the next webinar is if you haven’t been trained on the newest version. Your opportunity to better manage your transactions remotely may be at your fingertips.

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