The Rx to Becoming FEARLESS

The Rx to Becoming FEARLESS

Being smart and staying safe are always a priority for real estate agents. Especially during this time, it is important to stay strong and learn the best steps to take to herald the way with clients, friends, family, neighbors, peers, potential buyers and sellers. This also includes anyone you interact with throughout your day. Becoming fearless is possible.

Here is the formula for a life built on your terms

Take your daily MEDS.

M – Meditation

Meditation is the practice of becoming of aware of your thoughts so you can bring relaxation to your mind. It is fitness for the brain and consistent with the belief that mindset is everything in our daily practice of real estate.

While there are many forms of meditation, what has grown tremendously over the past few decades is the art of Mindfulness Meditation. This form of meditation was brought to the corporate world and American mainstream in 1979, where it continues to flourish today.

Meditation is the art learning to have a relationship with yourself. Our minds are on overdrive every day; learning how to relax with the techniques offered in Mindfulness Mediation or other forms of meditation have been found to significantly reduce stress and help build your immune system.

When you are in a place of stillness and relaxation, you are open to receiving and creating abundance in all areas of your life.

Do you ever notice when you are thinking too much that you may be holding your breath? Breath is the essence of life. “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.” ~ Author Unknown

If you are just starting out and would like to explore some apps to experience meditation, here are some of the most popular. Most offer a trial period so you can experience it first for free.

Like our business, meditation takes practice, and it is not about being perfect. It’s about living in the present moment and learning how not to allow the stress in your daily life to impact your health. Sounds wonderful, right?

Here are the most popular meditation apps for both beginners and advanced.

E – Exercise

Get the body moving in healthy ways that work for your style of living. Some real estate agents are early morning risers, setting their alarms at 5 a.m. or a bit later and going to the gym right away. That works great for one segment agents.  You may also be an early morning person, yet have other priorities, such as family to care for first thing, so other times of the day may work better for you to get your exercise in.

Figure out where in your day exercising makes sense for your life and add it to your schedule or it may never happen due to the demands on your time. Guaranteed you will feel better once you start!

No opportunity to go to the gym? No problem. The home wellness scene is thriving as many real estate professionals work out at home. The suggestions below are healthy home options for the busy professional.

Here are some at-home stay-fit products for real estate agents from most expensive to least expensive:

  • Under-Desk Treadmill

This is perfect as a cardio option while working at your desk. Many people prefer standing at their desk as opposed to sitting. Adding a treadmill underneath offers many benefits, the biggest being cardio.  Treadmill desks can be bought separately, (stand-up desk or desk that rises) or as an all-in-one desk and treadmill system.

  • Balance Ball Chair

If you prefer to be seated and work your core while having good posture at your computer, this could be the answer. Using a balance ball chair helps improve posture, reduce lower back pain, align the spine and strengthen your abs (core). Some ball chairs have backs while others look just like a yoga ball.

  • Mini- Rebounder

You can find the perfect size rebounder to fit your home office space or wherever it fits best in your home.  Find a space where you can see it every day, so it is not hidden away and forgotten. The benefits are many; they include enhanced calorie burning over walking and enhanced balance and coordination. It can also improve bone strength and help control blood sugar.  Add some of your favorite music and you can have a fun workout without ever leaving your home!

  • Fitness Tracker and/or Fitness Watch

There are various fitness tracker devices at various price points. Research what would fit your budget.  If you want to give fitness tracking a try before purchasing a device, check out the built-in apps on your smart phone. There are also downloadable free apps for both iOS and Android devices that track your heart rate and offer fitness options. Another great option are the fitness watches. You can track your heart rate, steps, and they can also be set to remind you when it is time to get up and move around.

  • Yoga Mat, Stretch Bands and Flexibility Ball

Resistance bands, flexibility balls and a yoga mat are the most cost-effective work-out options for at-home strength and flexibility. Some of the benefits include developing and increasing muscle mass, improving strength and gaining flexibility. These are benefits that are crucial at any age. Also, there are some great sites that offer free classes online or workouts at a small monthly price with a trained instructor. Plus, when you commit to doing this at the same time each day, it helps increase the happiness factor through consistency and the positive results you will achieve.

D – Diet

The first step in creating the diet that works for you is to remember to eat! How much of your day is spent in service to others while neglecting your self-care? Skipping meals, eating fast food and candy are not the way to longevity in life or the real estate business. Make nutrition a priority.

Here are some ideas that will help increase energy and help you to be productive and manage your eating better.

  • Plan your shopping on a weekly basis. Make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with healthy options.
  • Schedule meals and snacks into your calendar. Things change constantly in our business. If a lunch time showing or meeting comes up, have food prepared to eat beforehand or move the time a bit to be able to take care of yourself.
  • Have water with you to keep you hydrated.
  • Keep healthy snacks with you at all times. Some healthy snacks include fruit, nuts, seeds, yogurt, protein bars, smoothies or green drinks that will nourish you for hours.
  • If you’re going to be on the road, keep a cooler in your car or trunk at all times with healthy snacks and water.

S – Sleep

Have you ever found yourself lying awake or waking up in the middle of the night worrying about a deal that you are working on? Or just worrying, thinking about everything currently on your plate? Sleep is such a precious commodity in life, yet needed to replenish your body so you can awake anew ready to begin your day.

These ideas may seem impossible, yet when you add just one to your schedule, you will begin to see a difference.

  • Turn off all your screens (computer, tv, phone, tablet) two hours before bedtime.
  • Keep the same time to go to sleep and get up each day so your body becomes accustomed to it. How many hours of sleep does your body need? Everyone is different.
  • Stay away from sugar and heavy eating before bedtime, which can keep you awake. Give yourself at least 2-3 hours after eating before going to sleep.
  • During the nighttime, silence your phone except for those super important calls. Or better yet, keep your phone in another room so it does not disturb you. A lead coming in at midnight can wait until the morning.

By following the above steps, you will reach a place where you feel in control of your life. When that happens, you can keep moving forward without embracing the fears that can hold you back. It all begins with you.

Stay healthy and positive through meditation, moving your body, remembering to eat, and getting the amount of sleep that replenishes your whole body. You are worth it!

Written for Form Simplicity by Janice Zaltman, a Realtor, LEED AP, Marketing Coach and Writer with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing and media fields. 

Author Notes: Thank you to Nicholas Bate, a renowned consultant and pragmatist who spoke about the MEDS formula as a daily practice.

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