What Makes the Form Simplicity Boarding Process Unique?

What Makes the Form Simplicity Boarding Process Unique?

Real estate transaction management software has become a “must-have” for successful agents and brokers focused on giving consumers what they want. Using a transaction management system as a cornerstone to a more streamlined and efficient process is crucial for delivering an exceptional client experience.

The best-in-class transaction management software, like Form Simplicity from Florida Realtors®, are an agent productivity booster.  Agents can create transactions more efficiently, eliminate common entry errors as data is pre-populated automatically, and e-signing helps agents avoid wasting time tracking down clients for their signatures.

The best programs ensure forms are always up to date, protecting clients, agents and their brokerages from risk. Keeping everything in one place ensures agents can respond to any client question about their transaction quickly and easily.  Best of all, transaction management programs improve transparency. Being able to give clients insight to documents you want them to see, and stored in the Cloud for 24/7 access, improves client communication, and ultimately, client satisfaction.

But if best-in-class transaction management software is so similar, how do you make the right choice for your brokerage or MLS?

Like everything else, it starts with a first impression. You don’t get a second chance to make one, so you better get it right. Getting agents to adopt any technology is hard. That’s why getting things right from the start is vital. Even the best technology can’t recover from a bad launch.

Making a great first impression at the beginning when we board a new Form Simplicity client has been our hallmark of excellence among transaction management software. It shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that a Realtor-owned and operated company obsesses about providing agents and brokerages great service. When we board a new Form Simplicity customer, whether it be an MLS, brokerage or Realtor Association, we take a holistic approach to the process.

It all starts with our Onboarding Team who works with their client and strengthens the relationship immediately by providing personal and responsive assistance. Live training, either in-person or live webinar, gives folks the ability to ask questions and get the expert answers they need immediately.

During the boarding process for brokerages providing Form Simplicity for their agents, this is supplemented with one-on-one assistance and training with the broker and/or their designated admin to help set up all of the broker features.

We pay attention to the little things to make sure we are on the same page with our clients. From our streamlined programming process for forms to our committed delivery schedule that builds in client review before forms go live.

We also know most people are visual learners, so we supplement all of this personalized agent and broker training, with video tutorials, recorded webinars and step-by-step instructions, all available 24/7 through our Help Center.

Using new technology makes most of us inquisitive, and that means we have questions, and sometimes a lot of questions. This is where Form Simplicity shines brightest. Form Simplicity gives is supported by Tech Helpline, North America’s No. 1 tech support service for real estate, also owned and operated by the Florida Realtors. Tech Helpline’s staff is known for their friendliness.

Tech Helpline analysts also are highly skilled, possessing over 300 years of combined IT experience. Most importantly, they work with agents every day, in English and Spanish, and excel at making it comfortable for every agent to ask for help, regardless of their technical skill level. And when Form Simplicity boards a new client, we will extend support hours to make sure agents can get the help they need when they need it.

We also work closely on the rollout of Form Simplicity software to make the boarding process a proud partnership. From co-branded marketing materials and educational emails to providing a team of easy-to-reach professionals that are on-call and ready to assist, we work hard to make the boarding process go as smoothly as possible.

If you have questions about Form Simplicity and the advantages it can provide for your agents or members, reach out to us and experience for yourself how our customer service obsession makes us different.

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