Worth the Upgrade: How to Go Fully Digital With the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity

Worth the Upgrade: How to Go Fully Digital With the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity

When the vast majority of agents in America found themselves working exclusively from home, a new reality took hold. The more you could do digitally, the more likely you would remain successful throughout our health crisis.

Agents and brokers who had been using a transaction management solution like Form Simplicity have stayed on top. They’ve been able to keep their business going by managing their transactions digitally, from listing to closing.

As real estate begins its rebound, agents and brokers are looking for ways to work better remotely. For top-producing brokers and agents, that means a robust, digital transaction management program.

The Form Simplicity solution

A transaction management program needs to be the cornerstone of going digital. But you also need to make sure you exploit all the benefits that it can provide you and your clients remotely.

Form Simplicity, a leading digital transaction management solution owned and operated by Florida Realtors, is used nationwide by associations, MLSs, and brokerages.

Beyond the ability to help you fully manage transactions remotely, Form Simplicity is the only real estate transaction management software created for real estate pros by real estate pros. Knowing what you need to improve your workflow and offer more remote services to your clients is what Form Simplicity does best.

Every version of Form Simplicity – Starter, Professional, and Ultimate – provides these core features to help every agent work better – and faster – remotely:

  • Everything is in the cloud and mobile-friendly: You can create, edit and store transactions online, on any device, and access anytime.
  • Auto-populate feature – enter once: You no longer have to input the same information repeatedly on multiple forms.
  • Get rid of clutter: Stop searching through stacks of paper files. You can find every transaction form instantly.
  • Ditch your calculator: Eliminate math mistakes, as these smart forms do the calculations for you.
  • Reduce your risk: All forms are always up to date, approved by the association, and are technically accurate. You won’t make the mistake of using the wrong form.
  • Do everything on your mobile phone: The newest update allows you to create and edit transactions on your smartphone or tablet, giving you total control from anywhere you are.
  • Unmatched training and tech support: You get free and unlimited access to live and on-demand webinars along with an online library of how-to videos that walk you step-by-step through the most common tasks. If you ever need help, tech support is provided by the best in the business: Tech Helpline, also owned and operated by Florida Realtors. Tech Helpline is real estate’s No. 1 tech support service, staffed by a team of the industry’s most friendly, patient, and knowledgeable tech analysts who work with agents and brokers every day.

The Professional Edition of Form Simplicity

It helps busy agents manage even more transactions remotely, providing them with up to 50 MB of online storage. And both the Professional and Ultimate Editions allow agents and brokers to do more with these additional features:

  • Organizes even the disorganized: No more searching through countless emails and sticky notes for transaction details. Find what you need immediately.
  • No more time spent downloading and uploading documents: Every email, text, and attachment goes directly to the right transaction, ready to view at any time.
  • Collaborate online: You can engage clients and third parties in real-time, with comments online, again, all organized within the right transaction folder.
  • Work in teams by giving read/write access to specific transactions to people you choose in your office.
  • Tools for Brokers:
    • Includes Broker Review—the ability to review, comment on and approve all forms digitally submitted by your agents.
    • Create customizable checklists for agents to use when submitting their transactions’ documentation for review. This allows your team to remain compliant.
    • Visibility into each agent’s transaction activity including email and SMS history.
    • Ability to showcase your brand by adding your company logo to the forms your agents use in your transactions.
    • And much more.

But to go fully digital, you need the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity. The Ultimate Edition gives you unlimited electronic signing and unlimited online storage. For most agents, this upgrade is less than 20 cents a day.

The Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity

  • Solves your signature problems: No more driving around or hunting someone down to sign. Electronic signatures mean signing remotely, from anywhere, helping you close your deals on time.
  • Bank-grade electronics signature features: It has all the security bells and whistles that makes digital signing safe. It uses advanced password protection, uses a Certificate of Authenticity (tracks date, time, email, and IP address), creates an Audit Log, and ensures every signature is legal and binding.
  • Never worry about running out of space: Because every electronic signature session you send comes back as files that you need to store; you get unlimited storage. You also won’t have to delete files to make way for new ones with unlimited document storage. You can retrieve any older file at any time.

The popularity of eSigning has never been higher. By investing a little more with an upgrade to Form Simplicity Ultimate Edition, agents can solve one of their most significant challenges – and time killers – when working remotely. Upgrading to the Ultimate Edition is the easiest way to go fully digital.

Going digital is no longer an option; it’s what your clients need – and expect. If your association, MLS, or brokerage does not offer a transaction management solution, ask them to contact Form Simplicity today through our website.

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