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Transactions in Real Time

Brokers, easily review and sort your agents’ active transactions. Reassign, rename or archive transactions. Get all transaction information in real time with Form Simplicity.

Unlimited eSign & Document Storage

Get the Ultimate Edition for all your agents and empower them with unlimited eSign and document storage. With secure encryption, an audit trail, time-stamping, history log, third-party certification and password protection options, including KBA (knowledge-based authentication), your electronically signed contracts are safe and secure. eSign meets all published banking and lender electronic signature requirements.

Review of Agent Transactions

Implement a digital review of your agents’ transactions with Form Simplicity. It’s paperless, saves time, and electronically tracks the entire process. Digital notifications eliminates back and forth emails and phone calls with agents. It’s just that simple.

Broker compliance review.

Brokers with access to Form Simplicity may use the Broker Submittal process to set up digital checklists to approve and mark transactions as complete or send change notifications to agents. Eliminate phone calls, emails, and undocumented back and forth communication. After the transaction is marked complete by the broker, the transaction is automatically stored in the broker’s Form Simplicity’s online storage, complying with legal requirements.

Simplify transaction management.

– Create teams within your brokerage
– Grant assistants or team members access to the Broker View
– Delegate permissions of team members
– Designate team members to approve other agents’ transactions
– Create brokerage-wide template packages of frequently used forms
– Create brokerage-wide clauses
– Restrict access to particular forms in the Forms Library
– View agents‘ uploaded files
– Review agents’ transaction history information
– Save completed agent transactions in your broker storage account
– Empower your team with unlimited eSign and document storage.

Real Estate Industry Leaders trust Form Simplicity
to help them manage their brokerages’ transactions.

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