Owned and operated by Florida Realtors®, Form Simplicity is your trusted transaction management solution, available nationwide to associations, MLSs and brokerages.

Go Paperless and improve your business, your profitability and your clients’ experiences.

Real estate is a mobile industry. Whether you are in your client’s home or in your car, Form Simplicity gives you the tools to put real estate contracts together fast, improving your client’s experience.

Use your mobile device to create offers on the spot. Capture signatures quickly with eSign, Form Simplicity’s integrated electronic signature service. Form Simplicity’s paperless features saves several hours per transaction, increasing profitability and productivity.


Everything you need in one place.

Form Simplicity has the most up-to-date, compliant real estate forms available for you to use from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Access all of your forms, create paperless transactions, set up forms packages, send a transaction for eSign, and store completed transactions and related documents in the cloud for storage compliance. Additional tools include Contacts, Tasks and Reminders, eFaxing, and Collaboration, allowing you to share documents with third parties and negotiate in real time.

Brokers, review your agents transactions.

Take advantage of a variety of unique broker tools. View and review agent transactions. Add your brokerages’ own forms and have them programmed so that agents only have to enter common fields once, giving them more time to focus on client needs.

Create and manage teams. Set up online review checklists to accept transactions or notify agents of transaction changes. Create broker-wide packages and clauses. Upload your brokerage logo onto forms. Share files and folders with staff. Choose to customize your brokerage’s Form Simplicity dashboard with custom colors and brokerage branding. Give your agents access to eSign, capturing client signatures faster than ever before.

eSign saves time and money.

Form Simplicity’s eSign not only gets contracts signed fast, it also follows the strictest security and integrity electronic signature guidelines. With secure encryption, an audit trail, time-stamping, history log, third-party certification and password protection options, including KBA (knowledge-based authentication), your electronically signed contracts are safe and secure. Plus, eSign meets all published banking and lender electronic signature requirements.

Form Simplicity is ready
whenever and wherever you need it.

On your PC, Tablet, and Phone.

Form Simplicity works on ALL Devices!

Form Simplicity works with most browsers and operating systems. It’s simple to get started. On Windows operating systems, Form Simplicity is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome. For Mac users, Form Simplicity is compatible with Safari. For iPad users, Form Simplicity may be accessed on Safari, Chrome and Foxbrowser. Android users may access Form Simplicity on Chrome or their default browser.

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