4 Ways To Close Faster

4 Ways Digital Transaction Management Can Help You Close Faster

4 ways to close faster.

It’s 5:00 pm on a Thursday. There’s an accident on the road outside your office, and traffic is a mess.

As you are going through the client documentation sent to you earlier, you discovered a missing signature and two initials. You realize your sellers told you they were leaving town today for a three-day weekend. You need the form tonight.

Do you panic?

Not if you are one of the tens of thousands of real estate agents who have embraced a digital transaction management solution.

If you aren’t, you probably are panicking!

Technology today gives you the ability to fix a problem like this quickly. Digital transaction management software is essential in an agent’s tech toolbox.

Here are four ways a digital transaction management solution can help agents close faster.

1. No more driving to a client to get a missed signature or initial.

We have all been there. A last-minute rush to track down a client, hop in your car, and get a missing signature on a vital document. It always seems to happen when there is a tight deadline. It can wreck a schedule and cause stress.

But real estate transaction management software has electronic signature capabilities for remote e-signing. That means no more wasted gas to get a signature. According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly one-in-three Realtors (31%) use electronic signatures.

The best digital transaction management solutions also feature smart, dynamic forms. This built-in intelligence makes sure that your clients sign every page that needs a signature – and provides an initial in every place it is required.

2. No more paper shuffle.

Have you ever started searching for a file on your desk and said to yourself, “It must be somewhere here?” Think about how much time you may have spent over the course of a year hunting for a misplaced document or file.

According to NAR research, that’s another reason digital transaction management solutions are the go-to tech tool for one-in-four agents. But that also may mean that three-in-four agents are still doing the paper shuffle! Fortunately, as more agents work remotely, digital transaction management grows in popularity.

One primary reason is that when you use a digital transaction management solution, all documentation related to a particular transaction is digitally stored in the same electronic folder. Every email and document related to each transaction is in one place.

Because you can find anything related to any one of your transactions with a quick digital search, you eliminate the paper shuffle.

3. No more entering the same info again and again.

When you sit down to prepare documents for a buyer or seller, you know how frustrating it can be to enter the address of the property over and over again. If only you could enter the address just once, it would magically populate every field in every form that requires that address.

That’s what the right digital transaction management solution that uses smart, dynamic forms can offer. You enter the information just once. Then, the built-in intelligence does the rest.

Can you imagine the cumulative time you can save if you don’t have to re-enter the same information multiple times? How much time – and angst – can you save if you never make a mistake in an address or a name on a form?

Smart forms make sure the correct address – or client’s name – is repopulated throughout every form in the transaction that needs this information.

4. Searching for an email related to the transaction.

Gmail and other email programs are great – until they are not. When you receive dozens of unsolicited emails every day, it can be challenging to keep them organized.

If you don’t sort every email you receive into folders to stay organized or make sure you are at a “zero inbox” every day, you are in the majority. Active agents often don’t have time to maintain and manage their emails.

Unfortunately, emails can be like socks in a dryer. Somehow, they seem to disappear.

If you have found yourself spending an unreasonable amount of time searching for a crucial client email related to a transaction, you know it can be frustrating and time-consuming.

A digital transaction management solution eliminates time wasted searching for a transaction-related email. Automatically, every email goes to the same digital folder. Everything is in one place and stays in one place.

At Form Simplicity, we know the frustration agents and brokers experience when they don’t have a digital transaction management solution.

We also know that agents and brokers who move from pushing papers to going digital close deals faster. It can be life-changing when they discover all the timesaving benefits a digital transaction management solution like Form Simplicity can provide.



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