Ultimate Edition FAQ’s

What is the Ultimate Edition?

The Ultimate Edition is the most comprehensive version of Form Simplicity. It includes all the transaction management features, including unlimited digital signatures and unlimited document storage.

What can agents do with it?

Agents can spend less time with paperwork and close faster because, with Form Simplicity, users can manage their transactions online via desktop or mobile devices. They can create packages to expedite creating transactions, collaborate with third parties and within teams, and create tasks to stay on top of their transactions. Plus, agents can create and send unlimited sessions to get digital signatures, and they also have unlimited storage for when all those forms come back signed. Everything is stored securely and neatly organized in one convenient digital space.

How do digital signatures help Agents?

It saves agents time and money because it saves them from having to…

  • sit in traffic for a signature on a general addendum
  • apologize to clients for not offering a convenient digital signature solution
  • spend too much money with other digital signature providers
  • have lenders reject blurry copies of documents, which is what happens many times when docs get scanned

How does the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity help Brokers?

The Ultimate Edition allows brokers to review and assure the quality of agents’ transactions from beginning to end. It allows the broker to set up their own compliance review to check agents’ transactions, reduce risk with customizable checklists and track all emails and text.

Additionally, brokers may give Form Simplicity access to non-REALTOR® assistants, optionally control deleted files by agents to prevent critical document loss, create brokerage-wide packages and pre-populate with common data, designate agents to act as brokers in different offices, view transactions’ audit trails and more.

Plus, when agents have the Ultimate Edition, they get unlimited digital signatures, allowing them to close their transactions securely and faster.

How does it help Teams?

Agents who work in teams can share their transactions with other agents and assistants in their offices. Once you have created a team you can set permission levels for your team, share transactions with your team, and access transactions shared with you.

Why do buyers/sellers (your clients) love agents who have the Ultimate Edition?

Your clients will love the convenience, ease, and time-saving benefits of signing digitally.

How does it help me grow my business?

It helps you grow your business by allowing you to easily monitor all your active transactions from a one-stop location. Not having to search in multiple email threads, texts, or faxes saves time. You also never miss a due date using the task function, which gives you more time to strengthen and create relationships with current and new clients.

Why should I upgrade?

Upgrading to Ultimate Edition gives you peace of mind and convenience for your business at a very affordable price. Get the power of unlimited eSign + document storage and document security with layered 256-bit SSL encryption.

How do I get access?

Individuals can log in to Form Simplicity and click on the Upgrade button.

Discounted rates are available for brokers who upgrade 10+ agents to Ultimate Edition. Contact us to learn more.



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