Agents, Brokers Rave About the Redesigned Form Simplicity & Its Ease of Use

Agents, Brokers Rave About the Redesigned Form Simplicity & Its Ease of Use

How does a real estate association or brokerage cut through the clutter to choose the right transaction management solution that satisfies both agents and brokers?

A great place to start is to listen to what agents and brokers who are using a transaction management solution are saying. The truth is a lot of real estate software that claims to be “easy to use” is hard to use for most agents and brokers.

Because Florida Realtors owns and operates both real estate’s number one tech support firm (Tech Helpline) and a top transaction management firm (Form Simplicity), we get a first-hand look into how agents use technology. When they struggle, we are often the first place they call for help.

It’s why Form Simplicity invested deeply in a redesign that makes using our transaction management software truly easier to use. After rolling it out to more than a quarter of a million agents and brokers nationwide who have access to Form Simplicity, the feedback has been remarkable.

Little things matter

If you have never used a transaction management program before, the thought of moving towards a paperless process can be daunting. Newbies require transaction management software to be highly intuitive. They need to be able to jump in, find their way around quickly, and not get stuck.

When it comes to designing an exceptional client experience, every agent and broker knows that it is often the little things that matter. For a great software experience, you have to do more than provide a cool-looking, modern layout.

You have to make the ability to navigate simply. You have to make the program work as well on mobile as it does on a desktop or laptop. You have to make the experience as frictionless as possible. You want agents and brokers to use the software every day and never think twice about how to find something.

It’s the little things, like colorful buttons that are easy to identify at a glance or the ability with a single click to expand your view so you can see everything on one page, instead of having to toggle through a bunch of tabs.

Put your best features forward

In the redesign of Form Simplicity, we put the things agents and brokers want to access first — such as Recent Transactions — upfront. Your most recent transactions are visible and accessible from the Home page. You can even create a new transaction directly from the Home page.

We also added Upcoming Tasks to the Home page, and they are color-coded so you can see your next priority. The main navigation menu was redesigned to get you where you want to go faster: there are now fewer tabs and less clutter, but you can still quickly access all the features you need.

We also pushed Useful Tools forward, giving agents and brokers the ability to add a new contact, create a clause – and more – now easier than ever to access from the Home page.

Most importantly, Forms Simplicity runs faster. Why? As our tech folks tell us, “It’s running on a new and fully up-to-date application architecture, from hardware to software,” making it more responsive than ever for agents and brokers.

Don’t take our word for it

Again, one of the best ways to select the right transaction management solutions is by listening to what agents and brokers who use it have to say.

Right after we started to launch our redesigned Form Simplicity software, we got feedback – almost instantly.

Matthew Lemon, with Lemon Drop Realty and 14 years of experience in the business, told us:

“I just tried out the NEW Form Simplicity style now, and I have to say it is AMAZING. Love how convenient the new layout is. EXTREMELY professional. I’ll be sticking with you guys for a long time. Keep up the great work.”

Shermeka McSwain, with Bruckman Realty, commented:

“The recently updated changes are extremely GREAT… using the navigation, location of information, and the program structure is VERY user friendly. Thank you for the improvements.”

And Peggy Hall, with Britton Group, who holds the National Association of REALTORS® Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) designation, the Professional Management Network (PMN) designation, is a graduate of the Space Coast Association of REALTORS® Leadership Academy in Florida, shares this:

“I began using the New and Improved Form Simplicity the afternoon of the webinar. Super easy transition! Thank you.”

Glossy brochures, crafty emails, and polished sales pitches can help software firms sell their products more successfully. But nothing can sell any product more effectively — or stop a product in its tracks — than testimonials from those who use the software. And when they rave about their experience, you know you got it right.

See it for yourself. Visit our website to discover the only real estate transaction management software created by Realtors for agents and brokers and still 100% owned by Realtors.

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