Broker Benefits: 3 Ways Brokers Can Maximize Their Use Of A Transaction Management Solution

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Technology can provide a lot of benefits for Brokers. The most recent Technology Survey from the National Association of Realtors places transaction management as one of their brokerage’s top three most valuable technology tools.

Only digital signatures – typically a feature integrated into transaction management software – and Lockbox/Showing tech topped this vital tool.

As transaction management software like Form Simplicity becomes more popular than ever, brokers can benefit by uncovering new ways to use it smarter.

Here are three ways brokers can maximize their use to gain more benefits.

1. Be Intentional

Two of the most significant benefits for brokers are improved paperwork flow and the ability to track progress. Being intentional – building the use of the software into your daily routine – will save time and effort.

Having the ability to manage all your forms in one safe place streamlines your workflow. In addition, every form is kept current, protecting your agents and clients.

Sharing the work to move a transaction forward in real time is vital. Collaboration has never been easier with transaction management software. From adding missing documents instantly to a platform that allows comments, it helps eliminate the inefficiencies of back-and-forth emails.

Because everything is stored in the cloud, work can go on uninterrupted. Brokers don’t have to track down an agent to find a file or to get a status update. By making transaction management part of daily workflow, brokers can see what’s going on – and what needs to be done next, improving efficiency.

2. Be Proactive

Because transaction management software gives a broker transparency into every transaction 24/7, it eliminates the waiting game. Brokers can act immediately and don’t have to wait for an agent’s report or update. The status and documentation for each transaction can be reviewed at any time in real time.

The benefit of brokers having greater transparency is reduced risk. Reviewing transactions as they come together can help a broker identify an issue before it becomes problematic.

Brokers also benefit from improving their own workflow and task management. For example, Form Simplicity offers unique broker tools to gain faster visibility into their entire book of business. As a result, brokers can see current and archived transactions, unassigned transactions, review transactions, and manage checklists all in a single place.

Brokers can create and manage teams, provide online review checklists, and notify agents when something in the transaction changes. A dashboard shows the broker what they want to see first.

3. Be More Responsive

One of the biggest benefits brokers will notice is the ability to increase agent satisfaction when a transaction management system is in place. Because agents also get transparency into their transactions, they can see their broker’s contributions to the review process, including real-time notifications when comments and changes are made.

Broker review is as important a process to the broker as it is to the agent, and a digital system makes the process remarkably smooth and streamlined. The broker can respond within the transaction management system if something is missing or a change is needed — no more wasted time attempting to decipher emails.

Because advanced transaction management software, like Form Simplicity, is mobile-ready, work can continue wherever the agent or broker is. When leveraged correctly, a transaction management system enables brokers to respond immediately. That means agents can spend more time working with their clients and prospects and not waiting for an answer on a particular file.

Plus, when brokers provide unlimited digital signatures + document storage for their agents, their clients can complete their transactions quickly. And closing faster saves everyone time and money.

The Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity includes unlimited digital signatures + document storage. Check out these FAQ’s.

Or contact our team to learn how to save when you provide the Ultimate Edition to 10+ agents.

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