3 Broker Benefits from Form Simplicity

Broker Benefits

The broker benefits of a digital transaction solution have never been more crucial. Unsurprisingly, the most valuable digital tool is digital signatures, according to a stunning 78 percent of Realtors recently surveyed by the National Association of Realtors. No other technology was ranked more valuable, as eSignatures ranked higher than local MLS apps (54 percent), social media (53 percent), lockboxes (48 percent), and video conferencing (39 percent).

For most brokerages, digital signatures are a feature available with the leading transaction management solutions. In fact, the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity offers unlimited esigning as a core feature.

And while key features like digital signatures make it easier for agents who use transaction management software to work remotely with their clients, transaction management software also makes it easier for brokers to manage – and protect – their business. Because Form Simplicity is cloud-based, brokers can access it anytime, anywhere, and from any place you can access the internet.

Here are three ways brokers benefit when Form Simplicity is their transaction management solution:

1. It helps you avoid making mistakes.

How often do you or one of your agents miss a signature or an initial on a transaction document? Unfortunately, it can happen even to the most detailed-oriented agent. But smart technology enables Form Simplicity to guide everyone through each document to the specific place that they need to sign or initial. That saves you and your agents time, avoiding having to chase down a missing signature.

If you don’t have the math skills of an MIT graduate, don’t worry. Form Simplicity has your back and makes sure your agents won’t make mistakes too. Form Simplicity does the math for you – all the calculations are built into the forms; you and your agents just enter the numbers.

And brokers can also request that their operational forms be programmed into Form Simplicity for office use, including HR forms, commission disbursement forms with calculations built-in, agent onboarding forms, team reports, and more.

2. It’s all about collaboration.

Staying on top of your agents’ business and helping them improve their workflow is the hallmark of a great broker. Form Simplicity is a tool you can count on for better collaboration with your agents.

Form Simplicity empowers you to review and sort your agents’ active transactions quickly. In addition, it allows you to reassign, rename, and archive transactions instantly. Best of all, Form Simplicity will deliver all transaction information to you in real-time.

Brokers also can implement a digital review of your agents’ transactions with Form Simplicity. Because Form Simplicity allows you to go paperless, you and your agents save time, and it electronically tracks the entire process.

Digital notifications eliminate back and forth emails and phone calls with your agents. By streamlining your workflow and the workflow of your agents, everyone benefits from improved productivity. Form Simplicity helps you work smarter, not harder.

3. Avoid audit fear as everything is digitally documented!

No one enjoys an audit, except perhaps the auditors, but certainly not brokers. Audits are time-consuming, require lots of documentation, and can take you away from focusing on what you do best.

How do you spell audit relief? Form Simplicity has you covered.

Form Simplicity provides you with a Broker Submittal process. This allows you to create and set up digital checklists to approve and mark transactions as complete—or send change notifications to agents.

These checklists help eliminate phone calls, emails and make sure that all back and forth interaction is fully documented. In addition, Form Simplicity automatically attaches all communications for each transaction, digitally filing it in one place.

After a broker marks a transaction as “complete,” the transaction is automatically stored in the broker’s Form Simplicity’s online storage.

The most important benefit: This digital documentation process makes sure you comply with the legal requirements. If you are audited, everything is in one place, fully documented, and digitally tracked, which will make the process much smoother.

Form Simplicity offers simplified transaction management, packed with the features brokers need most, including:

  • Allow you to create teams within your brokerage.
  • Grant your assistant or team members access to your Broker View.
  • Delegate permissions of team members, designate team members to approve other agents’ transactions.
  • Generate brokerage-wide template packages of frequently used forms.
  • Create brokerage-wide clauses.
  • View your agents’ uploaded files.
  • Review your agents’ transaction history information and a lot more.

Real estate industry leaders trust Form Simplicity to help them manage their brokerage transactions. Find out how our real estate transaction management software can help brokers and associations close faster and more securely.



Use digital signatures in your business

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