Do You Have a Transaction Management Solution? 1 in 3 Agents Don’t!

Do You Have a Transaction Management Solution? 1 in 3 Agents Don't!

What’s the number one way to successfully manage your business during a pandemic? Making sure you are as digital as possible.

Going digital allows you to stay connected to clients while managing all the activities associated with a sale or purchase. To accomplish this, you must have a transaction management program.

Yet, according to research by the National Association of Realtors, one in three agents don’t have one.

Let’s look at all the benefits of a leading real estate transaction management software, Form Simplicity, to see why you need one now more than ever.

1. Works remotely, like you do

Access everything related to your transactions 24/7, as everything is in the cloud. That means wherever you can connect to the internet, you can access and control your transaction.

2. Collaborate with others

You can manage all your forms online and share them with your clients. You can give them access to review the forms they need to fill out and make comments on them, which you can see in real time. This allows you to stay on schedule and meet deadlines. You can also collaborate with other agents involved in the transaction and closing agents, title companies, lenders, and others. Everyone can add comments in real-time, eliminating back and forth emails. Everything is tracked—and retrievable at any time—online.

3. On any device

Form Simplicity is mobile-enabled, allowing you to fill out forms, add to files, share documents with others, check your status and more—just about everything you can do on your laptop or desktop, you can do on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

4. One place for everything

No more hunting for a missing document or paper client folder, as each document, email, comment, and notes are linked to the transaction, and it’s all stored in a digital folder. You know exactly where everything is.

5. Work faster

Smart form technology means you only have to enter data in a field once, and then it automatically populates into all other common fields throughout the transaction. You can easily import data from the MLS, reducing time spent typing and filling out repetitive data. You can get more work done in a lot less time.

6. Work smarter with digital signatures

A transaction management solution would not be entirely digital without esigning. Digitally signing is a benefit your clients are going to love, and you will cherish. Intelligent forms mean no more missed signatures or initials—it automatically makes sure you won’t miss a box or a line to sign. If a new form is required, that means no more chasing around trying to track down a client for a wet signature—they can do it remotely wherever they are. You don’t have to leave your desk. And with bank-grade security encryption and tracking, it’s the most secure way to sign.

7. Safer for you, your clients, and your broker

With Form Simplicity, your library of forms always has the most current version available from your MLS, brokerage, or association. Using the most up-to-date forms protects you, your clients, and your broker from unnecessary risks. Brokers love Form Simplicity because it provides long-term storage and legal compliance. Brokers can track every stage of the transaction and sign off whenever required, instantly. And since everything is time-stamped, digitized, and well-organized, it removes the fear of the work it takes to go through an audit, if one should ever occur.

Going digital by adopting a transaction management solution like Form Simplicity makes your work life more manageable at a time when we all want predictability. With features like simple, intuitive navigation, built-in contacts and email, and reminders to keep everything—and everyone—on track, now is the time for everyone to use a transaction management program like Form Simplicity.

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