Improve the Customer Experience – 4 Ways Transaction Management Software Can Help

4 Ways Transaction Management Software Can Help Your Agents Improve the Customer Experience

Your brokerage’s next big closing — a $4 million home sale — is just days away. The listing agent walks into your office to let you know they just got a call from the seller. Apparently, the seller forgot to tell your agent they will be on vacation next week — in Aruba. Is this a time to panic? Not if your agent uses Form Simplicity. Because you provide the Ultimate Edition of Form Simplicity in your office, the customer experience doesn’t suffer. And she tells their $4 million client that they can digitally sign remotely. So everyone wins: the seller, the agent, and you, the broker-owner.

The Customer Experience

One thing that the pandemic taught real estate professionals is the value of being able to work effectively with clients remotely. Core to any brokerage’s digital ecosystem today is transaction management software.

Clients are often stressed out and worried about what is typically the biggest transaction of their lives. Using transaction management software in many ways can reduce or eliminate worry and stress.

Four significant benefits provided by transaction management software help your agents deliver an exceptional customer experience to their clients by offering convenience, speed, accessibility, and transparency.

1. Convenience

Does any agent want to hop in their car and drive across town in terrible traffic to get a missing client signature on a document? Or worse, does any agent wish to contact their client to return to the office because of a missing signature?

Inconvenience is eliminated when your brokerage provides transaction management software with built-in digital signatures. For example, missing signatures and initials are prevented from being overlooked during the original client signing. In addition, today’s smart forms inside transaction management software like Form Simplicity won’t let you miss a signature or skip a page that requires an initial.

These are just a couple of the dozens of ways transaction management software can improve the customer experience through convenience.

2. Speed

Sometimes, a home sale needs speed. Getting documents pulled together quickly, signed, and finalized, in some cases, can be accomplished in a matter of days.

With all-cash property purchases commonplace and near an all-time high, the ability to close a deal quickly also has become routine. As a result, your agents can improve the customer experience using transaction management software because it delivers speed.

Auto-populated forms mean super-fast document creation as your agent enters a set of data once. For example, they enter the property address and never have to re-enter it. Instead, the multiple places in the documents that require the address are automatically filled in.

When clients are ready to sign, they can breeze through the document, as it will show them exactly where to place their digital signature – which only takes a click.

Creating a complete set of contract documents and disclosures can be done faster than ever – all at the touch of a keyboard and the click of a mouse. Clients hate to wait, and bringing speed to the transaction is a huge plus.

Instantly exporting documents in PDF format and emailing clients directly makes the transaction that much faster. As a result, it reduces or eliminates wait time, making clients happier.

3. Accessibility

No one really works 24/7/365 – except for your brokerage technology. One of the best benefits of transaction management software for clients is if there is an internet connection, it is always available, anywhere, any time of day or night.

Your admin might take a holiday, but your transaction management software won’t.

Giving clients the ability to access their documents, and review them on their schedules, especially for couples with kids whose schedules do not always match, makes agents look like superheroes – or at least super professional.

4. Transparency

Historically, because of the local nuisances and the acronym-filled language, all the steps involved in selling a home have remained a mystery for most buyers and sellers.

But that’s changing. The internet gives clients access to more information than ever about buying and selling homes, both good and bad (because no one edits the internet).

But this behavior – a desire to become a more intelligent consumer – is rewarded with transaction management software. It elevates the customer experience.

Real estate transaction management software allows clients to see all the steps and activity that goes into purchasing or selling a home. This insight adds a new dimension of transparency and helps demystify the process. More importantly, clients see first-hand the value their agent brings to the process when they gain a deeper understanding of all the activity that occurs behind the scenes. Transaction management software pulls back the curtain to improve the customer experience by showing them what’s happening.

Today, there may be no more significant benefit than improving the customer journey. Transaction management software like Form Simplicity is designed to help do just that.



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