Why Agents Love Form Simplicity: Transaction Management Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

Why Agents Love Form Simplicity: Transaction Management Any Time, Any Place, Any Device

Over the last year, few digital real estate tech tools have gained as much new attention from agents and brokers as transaction management software. Transaction management programs have become an essential “must-have” to work from home successfully. As an agent or broker, you can’t go fully digital without a transaction management solution.

Form Simplicity stands out from among the best solutions available for a couple of reasons.

First, many transaction management companies have been gobbled up by tech giants. But not Form Simplicity. Owned and operated by Florida Realtors, it remains wholly owned by Realtors.

Second, Form Simplicity offers the best tech support available industry-wide through its sister company Tech Helpline. The No. 1-rated tech support firm for real estate professionals, Form Simplicity users have access to a friendly staff of tech analysts who understand the needs of agents and brokers because they work with them every day.

Now more than ever, agents and brokers working remotely depend on a transaction management solution that offers exceptional customer support.


Here are what Form Simplicity agents and brokers shared when surveyed about seeking help:

  • Shanmugam Parthiban is a fan of Form Simplicity because it provides “Five-star tech help.”
  • Kenneth Smith Jr. notes, “This benefit of FAR is awesome! It has saved me a lot of money.”
  • S. Bret Testerman says, “Every time I’ve called, the service has been excellent!”
  • Santiago Wood gives props to a tech analyst, saying, “Alex was very patient, courteous, professional, and helpful.”
  • Eileen Spears also shares kudos, pointing out, “Eric was great, assisted me with my problem, and his knowledge was important to me and saved me so much time.”
  • Eleanor Sorino praises another tech analyst, sharing, “Kevin is absolutely fantastic. He had patience and made my experience great. Thank God for he was there to help! Many thanks to Kevin and to you for having a wonderful staff.”
  • Carole Gordon also complimented Form Simplicity on its tech support, adding, “Great service. Much appreciated!”
  • Jerrell Williams is especially appreciative of the hands-on help, noting, “I have recently reached out twice for assistance, both times the agents were incredible in the manner that they handled my request. Yvette was eager to walk me through, step-by-step, the process of setting up and initiating an eSign contract, making it a very pleasant experience. The second call was very brief, but the young man that assisted me was very knowledgeable and willing to assist in any way he could.”
  • Sandy Brown is appreciative of the quick response, saying, “I can’t believe I got through to HELP call on the first attempt, with little or no waiting. Thank you.”
  • Laurie Somers notes, “My issues always seem to get resolved when I call…and that’s a great thing! Thank you.”
  • Sue Robb also is a fan, saying, “You are great, very much appreciated!!!”
  • Sue Ford likes how she was treated when she asked for help, noting, “Appreciate their patience with those of us who aren’t very tech-savvy. Thanks.”
  • Tami Phillips also is a fan of the support she received, adding, “It was nice to speak to a person and receive immediate attention to my issue. Thank you for your customer service team.”
  • Jen Babacan praises a tech analyst who helped her with Form Simplicity, noting, “Robert was so patient, understanding and helped me tremendously getting a difficult task done. He did not rush me off of the phone and answered my questions to sheer delight. He is the best, and I will never forget how valuable his major help was when I needed it most.”
  • Kevin Cloutier puts it succinctly, saying, “It’s the benchmark of customer service standards.”

For many real estate agents, the transition of going from a paper-based transaction to a digital one can be daunting, especially when you consider some agents have honed their paper-based transaction management skills over a couple of decades – or more.

That’s why customer support is so essential when it comes to selecting a digital transaction management solution. It’s also why Form Simplicity is emerging today as the real estate transaction management software of choice for agents and brokers nationwide.

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