Tip #1 – Know the Sellers’ Concerns Before Walking In The Door

Do your homework on whom you are meeting before you meet with them. Whether you are new to real estate or a seasoned pro, you will continuously hear the same questions:

• How many homes have you sold in my neighborhood?
• What company do you work for?
• What is your marketing strategy?
• What makes you different?
• How long will it take you to sell my home?
• What’s your commission?

Knowing the answers to the above questions puts you in the driver’s seat before you enter the home.


Tip #2 – Make A Great First Impression

Research has confirmed the importance of first impressions. According to Psychology Today, it takes about 7 seconds to make the first impression.

Dress professionally. You may not think it makes a difference, yet it does. One agent I spoke with in Florida felt she did not win a listing because the agent that preceded her was dressed in a suit and tie even though it was 90 degrees outside. This particular couple thought it was great. They felt he looked “the part.”

Understand your audience. If your potential seller is super casual, then dress-to -impress, yet find that happy medium where you don’t appear too overdressed. Resort communities may have a different dress code. How you dress will have you stand out from your competitors. Know your market.

Be organized. Have everything prepared in a folder.

Make sure your car is clean! Many sellers come out to greet the real estate agent.


Tip #3 – Exude Confidence

Greet the sellers with a smile and a firm handshake. If the Sellers are from a different culture, be aware of how they prefer to be greeted. If there are children present, greet each one. Pets? Be friendly with them also. Today, most people consider pets a very important part of the family.

Sellers can sense instantly if you are not at the top of your game. When you are prepared for the presentation you take command and shine. It is natural to feel a bit insecure especially when the listing is important to you. Keep in mind, that you are the real estate expert. Let your passion for the professional and your confidence lead at all times.

Another sign of confidence is eye contact and the tone of your voice. If you get a bit nervous, just remember to smile and breathe!


Tip #4 – Bring A Gift With You

Many real estate agents bring a branding item with them like a pen, magnet or calendar. One agent makes a lasting impression with sweets. She leaves a chocolate business card. It is a bar of chocolate in a small cardboard box along with her paper business card. You can customize the chocolate with your logo or branding.

If the sellers have children, depending on their age, you can bring crayons and a coloring book.


Tip #5 – Know Your Market Statistics

Many sellers do not have a realistic perception of what is going on in the market. What is going on in their neighborhood could be completely opposite of what is going on in the city or county where the home is located.

Key Statistics To Know

• Total number of properties for sale. Break it up by their subdivision and county where the home is located.
• Number of properties that have recently come on the market.
• Total number of homes that went pending and the dates.
• Number of properties that closed last month or when was the most recent sale.
• Know the number of properties that were cancelled, expired or withdrawn since the beginning of the year.


Tip #6 – Bring Your Bio

Tell your story (in first person) to create a clear demonstration of the benefits of hiring. you. Highlight your achievements including any volunteer work or membership in organizations. Make it personal by showing them what interests you. (Not more than one page.) People like to do business with people that share similar values.


Tip #7 – Bring Testimonials

This is the perfect time to brag about yourself through the use of testimonials. Put a system in place to gather them. Testimonials give you credibility, authority and brand recognition. Pick one or two sites to garner the most reviews such as Zillow and If you have reviews on too many sites it diminishes the impact. Which sounds better, 363 reviews on Zillow and192 on or 20 spread out on multiple sites?

Use video testimonials when possible. Right after the closing is a perfect opportunity to get the client’s testimonial because it is a happy time.

To create a bigger impact, send your bio and testimonials prior to your listing presentation. However, many times the sellers don’t take the time to read information that you send beforehand, so always bring everything with you.


Tip# 8 – Showcase Your Social and Internet Presence

Provide the seller with a detailed outline of how you will market their home online. They want to know how you will generate leads when you put their home on the market – apart from the MLS. So build a website with a Responsive Web Design (RWD); show them your social media presence and how you will market their property to your followers and database.


Tip # 9 – Give Your Personal Guarantee

Sellers want to feel confident that they are placing the sale of their home into competent hands with an agent who does what they say they are going to do. Outline exactly what you will do once they agree to hire you and keep your word.


Tip # 10 – Practice and Prepare

Winging it may seem like a good idea especially if you are experienced. This is not recommended by real estate coaches. Top listing agents will tell you that they are ALWAYS prepared. Developing the ability to handle objections, building rapport along with strong sales scripts are essential to master. It is a continuous journey to learn and stay on top of your game. Practice makes perfect …or close to it.


Put your best foot forward before you enter the front door with the above tips. It will ensure your success!



Written for Form Simplicity by Janice Zaltman, a Realtor, LEED AP, Marketing Coach and Writer with more than 20 years of experience in the sales, marketing and media fields.

It’s tax time and a perfect opportunity hire a good CPA to advise and prepare your tax return.  Have a CPA already? Great! It is also a great time to assess whether they are an asset to your business, and whether they are fully addressing the current and future needs of your real estate business.

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Also, hiring a qualified CPA who fully understands your business and goals can contribute to your success and save you money!  You have enough stress dealing with the everyday demands of being a real estate agent. Outsourcing annual Federal and States tax returns to a qualified CPA can enhance your business while alleviating anxiety and stress when dealing with the IRS. So, do what you do well, which is your real estate business, and outsource your financials to someone who is highly trained and can offer you legal protection if needed.

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