3 Tried & True Tips to Re-Engage Cold Online Leads

3 Tried & True Tips to Re-Engage Cold Online Leads

Once an online lead goes cold, it’s a guessing game for realtors to decide if they should put effort into re-engaging with the lead or if they’re better left cold.

The majority of online leads are usually people you haven’t met face-to-face. Since the line of communication between you and the lead has weakened, there’s no way of knowing what stage of the home buying or selling process the lead is in.

This makes it harder to market to them, and it also means that when you do try to market to them again, you’ll most likely be just another online realtor headshot to them.

Seems discouraging, right? Still, it is important to follow up with these once-hot leads. Just because the lead has gone cold doesn’t mean it can’t be revived. The question is: how do you best re-engage with someone stuck in this stage?

1. Remind Them Who You Are.

If it’s been a couple of months since you’ve engaged with a lead, don’t just assume that they’ll remember who you are or what you do. Realistically, their email is probably just as cluttered as yours.

Being personable is key when reminding someone why they should stay in contact with you. Painting a picture of who you are before you get into the main body of your email is essential for the client to understand why they should be reading your email.

2. Find a Relevant Reason to Get In Touch.

Finding a good reason to reach out after time has passed is a good way to ensure that the lead will actually be interested in getting into contact again with you.

Telling them about market updates in their current neighborhood or in neighborhoods they’ve shown interest in, sharing your latest blog, or just giving them some updates on general market trends are some great ways to re-harness their interest.

This establishes you in their mind as someone who is an expert in the field and is the right person to turn to when they need a realtor.

3. Process Those Who Email You Back.

Although this seems like an obvious tip, you’d be surprised to know how often realtors send the same automated “let’s get back in touch” email to leads who have already responded.

This will have the opposite of the desired effect – your cold lead will go completely frozen and probably unsubscribe altogether because you now seem like a spammer.

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