5 Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

5 Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet

Like most real estate professionals, your marketing strategy most likely consists of using Facebook pages to post listings, using Instagram to promote your brokerage, handing out business cards or sending out mailers.

While these tactics are tried and true, here are 5 other techniques you can start incorporating into your strategy to set your marketing efforts apart from the crowd to win more leads and grow your business:

1. Create Your Own Yelp.

Potential home buyers are always paying close attention to property features like square footage, number of bathrooms and appliance types. But modern house hunters are also placing a strong emphasis on the kinds of surrounding activities available near their potential new neighborhood.

Amenities such as neighboring parks, restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, grocery stores and even bars have risen to the top of homeowners’ desires.

While sites like Yelp and Foursquare exist, they’re usually hard to comb through when looking at a neighborhood as a whole. This is a perfect opportunity for you to incorporate a blog or video series into your marketing strategy.

For every neighborhood that you’re selling in, there’s an opportunity for you to tell your potential buyer about all of the nearby amenities they would have easy access to — all in an easily digestible medium.

2. Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest is a home decorator’s playground. It’s a picture and tip sharing platform where users find inspiration for all kinds of home projects. This poses a unique marketing option for agents and brokers.

By creating a branded Pinterest profile, you can make boards that show houses you’ve sold, staged properties that you plan on putting on the market and even DIY tips for potential home buyers!

This kind of content puts your business in the right place for finding leads who are already searching for house-related content, meaning that your profile is reaching viewers and gaining followers that are searching for content that they’re already interested in.

Followers who already enjoy your content are more likely to turn into future clients.

3. Neighborhood Video Tour.

Imagine if your potential clients could visualize actually living in the neighborhood you’re trying to sell a property in. With virtual neighborhood tours, they can.

Neighborhood tours give potential clients a taste of what it would be like to live in the neighborhood of the property you’re selling. They can actually imagine themselves pulling into the driveway after work or taking afternoon jogs on the sidewalks.

Another added benefit is how popular video sharing on social sites has become. Users are always more likely to share a quality video showcasing a property than any other content medium.

4. Host a Webinar.

If they can’t come to the open house, make the open house come to them. Like neighborhood virtual tours, webinars offer the perfect way to showcase a house for people who can’t make your open house in a way that’s easily digestible for potential clients.

The difference with webinars is that they’re often longer because they allow you to answer any common client questions and put a face to your brand. Plus, they allow you to point out all of the small but important details, like high ceilings or crown molding, that could get overlooked through photos alone.

Buying a home is an emotional decision, people who can trust you and picture themselves buying the home you’re trying to sell are one step closer to making an offer.

5. Tell a Story with Your Listings.

Like we mentioned before, buying a home, above everything else, is an emotional decision.

Clients want to imagine what living in their potential new home will be like. They want to project their lives onto the empty spaces in your listed property. Dry descriptions that simply list property features don’t do anything to paint a picture in your potential buyer’s mind.

Next time you’re writing a listing description, aim to turn it into a story that feels palpable to your client.

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