5 Social Media Tips to Launch Your Real Estate Brand & Win Clients

5 Social Media Tips to Launch Your Real Estate Brand & Win Clients

In the digital age, potential home buyers and sellers no longer turn to newspapers and magazines when looking for real estate services. Social media platforms have become the go-to source for potential clients to find everything from listings to realtors.

If your social media brand isn’t up to par, you risk missing out on many potential clients, specifically younger clients on social media.

Although social media brand management may seem complicated there are plenty of ways for you to take charge of your online brand management on your own.

Follow these simple steps to get started building your social brand today.

1. Choose the Right Tools.

Facebook. Instagram. LinkedIn. Twitter. There’s no doubt that in this day and age, there’s an overwhelming wealth of social media outlets to choose from to showcase your business.

Choosing the right social media mix to establish your brand as a realtor is not as cut and dried as it may seem. The media platform that you choose has to match your business strategy to effectively resonate with the audiences you’re trying to reach.

For example, if your goal is to showcase luxury homes for potential clients to view then sites like LinkedIn and Twitter are not your best option.

Social outlets like Instagram and Pinterest have interfaces that are much more equipped for displaying the homes you want potential leads to have easy viewing access to.

2. Develop a Brand.

Your brand isn’t just who you are as a realtor. It’s who you want your viewers to perceive you as too. If your specialty is Luxury Real Estate, consider highlighting that in your brand.

To establish your brand as a realtor who is an expert in your specialized field, the content you post should reflect your expertise.

Your brand should also be cohesive throughout all platforms. Use the same colors, logos and tone of voice across all platforms to ensure you’re portraying a consistent brand message.

3. Automate Your Posts.

Keeping up with posting to social media is hard even for personal social media use. However, the key to building and maintaining a following and effectively getting your brand out into the digital realm is a constant stream of information being posted to your social accounts.

As a professional with a mountain of things to worry about, automating your social media is the best way for you to keep your stream of information consistent.

Create a calendar of the information you want to post. This will help you strategize and keep the information cohesive, relevant and consistent to your brand.

You can use social media managers like Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule pre-queued posts to be published days or weeks in  In the future.

4. Add Links Back to Your Website.

Think of social media as the seasoning in your content mix, it is there to bring attention to your services as a realtor and enhance your business.

If the core hub of your brand is your website, then add links to your social outlets to bring potential clients back to your website. This is the first step in turning those viewers into potential leads.

5. Participate in Social Groups.

Chances are, you’re most likely a part of one or two communities already. And if you’re not, joining some online communities on sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit is a great way to network and build relationships outside of your immediate sphere of influence.

If you are already involved in some online communities, don’t just be a passive member! Ask and answer questions, participate in discussions, and find opportunities to promote your brand or subtly let others know you are a realtor.

Engaging with others in these communities is one of the best ways to boost your brand recognition.

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