Realtor Headshot Photos: Why They Matter & How to Get Your Best One Yet

Realtor Headshot Photos: Why They Matter & How to Get Your Best One Yet

Ah, the dreaded headshot photo. Some love it, most hate it.

Many real estate agents take one when they first become agents and use it for the rest of their careers. If your photo is outdated enough, it’ll make it so that when you meet with your clients, they’re greeted by someone who looks nothing like the person they envisioned from the picture on the website.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a headshot photo that leads to a property sale could be worth several thousand dollars. With potential home buyers doing 80% of their home search online, having a photo on your website is extremely important.

Headshots will also make you appear more honest to potential clients searching the web for potential realtor candidates. Although showcasing qualifications and experience matters, a biography page without a photo makes it harder for clients to trust you as an agent.

Headshots are also important in building your personal brand. After all, your business is you.

Get your best headshot yet with these picture-perfect tips:

  • Use a Professional Photographer. Don’t allow a poorly shot photo to ruin your chances of winning clients. There’s nothing more unprofessional than using a selfie or a low quality photo as a headshot.
  • Choose the Right Background. When choosing a background, you always want to keep in mind that the primary focus of your photo is you. You may really love the idea of having a flower-themed background, but choosing a busy background will undoubtedly distract your viewer’s eye away from you.

Keeping your background options to neutral, solid colors is always your best bet.

  • Smile Naturally. Smiling on camera doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Most people have an extremely difficult time feeling comfortable enough to smile in front of the camera. However, studies show that by smiling in your pictures you come across more approachable and likeable.

Next time you’re in front of the camera, think of something that’s funny or someone that makes you happy. The pleasant emotion will shine through to not only your smile, but also through your eyes making your smile seem genuine instead of forced.

  • Convey Confidence. You want your picture to convey confidence and trustworthiness. Being in front of a camera is a vulnerable place to be for anyone who’s not used to having photos taken of them.

Before you get in front of the camera, try doing power poses. Power poses are how naturally confident people stand. Holding poses like the “Superman Stance” and crossing your arms for a few minutes has been proven to lower stress hormones and help people come off confident in real life and in headshot photos.

A great headshot is the keystone point for your personal branding efforts, but another important mark of a good agent is their organizational skills.

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