The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Leads

The Ultimate Guide to Leveraging LinkedIn to Get Leads

When real estate agents think of social media marketing, the sites that come to mind most often are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. However, a recent study shows that, while sites like Instagram and Facebook are great for getting your audience to get to know your business, LinkedIn is the proven king of lead generation.

Coming in at a visitor-to-lead conversion rate of 2.74 percent, LinkedIn has a conversion rate that is three times higher than both Twitter and Facebook.

The reason LinkedIn works is because you are reminding your circle of your professional expertise.  You are showcasing to your friends, family and acquaintances your knowledge in a way that is not pushy or overbearing.

This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter efforts; it means that you should be actively nurturing your LinkedIn presence in addition to the other social sites in your lead generation mix. Today we’ll be showing you how to make the most of your LinkedIn page, so you can maximize lead generation and get more clients.

It’s All in the Details

While Instagram and Facebook work well for having your audience get to know you and your brokerage, LinkedIn works to get your audience to trust you, which in turn leads to higher lead generation.

After all, selling or purchasing a home requires the client party to place all of their trust in their real estate agent. You want to reassure potential clients that you’re the right professional for the job.

Start out by making sure that your LinkedIn profile is set as a business profile. From there you’ll want to fill out all of the information fields to ensure that all of your experience, certifications, and details such as the types of homes or price ranges you or your brokerage works with are present.

Stand out From the Rest

Another tip for getting people to click on your LinkedIn page is optimizing it to ensure that your page is appealing enough for potential clients to want to engage with it.

You can do this by doing small things like having an interesting and applicable banner photo, and customizing your URL to your name or your brokerage’s name so that it’s memorable.

Post Relevant Yet Shareable Content

Posting videos and articles to LinkedIn that relate to your business shows your audience that you keep up with the latest trends and news in the industry. This will help attract leads by increasing your credibility as a real estate expert.

Housing market trends, home buying tips, information on the neighborhood, and updates on your current projects are all different topics you can showcase on your LinkedIn page that will help you acquire more leads. Think of it as virtual farming, which must also be done regularly. Post often (three to four times a week) and engage with those who comment on the content you’re posting to increase the chances of people wanting to do business with you or your brokerage.

Once you begin gaining more clients in by leveraging LinkedIn, keeping forms and signatures organized will become an integral part of your process as a real estate agent. See how unlimited document space can help when you upgrade to Form Simplicity Ultimate Edition!

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