5 More Problems That Form Simplicity Helps Brokers Resolve

5 More Problems That Form Simplicity Helps Brokers Resolve

Recently, we looked at five of the most common problems that Form Simplicity helps brokers solve. Here are five more common problems that Form Simplicity can help brokers tackle.

(Part 2 of a two-part series)

The pandemic put a spotlight on the crucial role real estate transaction management software plays in keeping America’s real estate engine running. Agents and brokers can no longer rely on paper-based transactions. Cloud-based transaction management programs, like Form Simplicity, offer brokers an array of tools to manage better and monitor their agents – and their deals.

1. How can a transaction management solution help a broker grow their business?

Two of the top goals of all brokerages are recruiting new agents and retaining current ones. When brokers focus on agent attraction and retention, Form Simplicity Ultimate Edition can be one of the sharpest arrows in a broker’s quiver. You can remove hurdles agents face and reduce out-of-pocket expenses as:

  • Smart forms help agents reduce time spent inputting property listing information, and built-in calculators to reduce math errors.
  • Exceptional tech support provided by Tech Helpline, the No. 1 real estate tech support service, gives agents the assistance they need, helping to answer all their questions.
  • By providing unlimited eSign, brokers give agents a safe digital signature solution and avoid the expense of securing an e-signing solution.

Offering your agents the best edition of Form Simplicity can become a cornerstone of your recruitment and retention efforts.

You can learn more about the Ultimate Edition and broker benefits here.

2. Do you use automation to ensure compliance and reduce risk? Do you fear an audit?

Brokers who want to mitigate risk focus their efforts on compliance, which can be remarkably time-consuming. Form Simplicity helps you close transactions properly by automatically tracking everything related to a specific transaction and keeping it all in one place for easy access.

By making transactions transparent and keeping communication open, Form Simplicity helps brokers and their agents remain compliant.

With Form Simplicity, everyone who needs to have access to contracts, files, and communications of a transaction can retrieve the information quickly. Form Simplicity’s backbone was built for compliance.

  • Brokers can set up a review process.
  • Brokers have easy access to a digital folder, which keeps all the information about each transaction in one place.
  • Digital timestamps and centralization of all documents and communications are automatic. If an audit is required, the process for the broker will be much smoother.
  • Brokers, agents, and clients can rest easy with the safety protocols for eSign, which features bank-grade security.

By automating the tracking of your transactions with Form Simplicity, brokers can reduce the amount of time they spend on compliance-related issues and reduce the fear of an audit. You can learn more about Form Simplicity and compliance here.

3. Do you need to keep better track of your agents’ workflow?

For Brokers who hate missing approval deadlines, Form Simplicity keeps you on time and track by showing you the status of your agents’ transactions with great detail.

With Form Simplicity, you can set up task lists for your agents’ transactions. You also can create templated checklists for agents to use when submitting their documentation for broker review. Agent and broker workflow is improved as brokers can easily approve the submissions or, if needed, communicate with their agents about what is needed next for each transaction.

Form Simplicity allows:

  • Brokers to set up pre-set task lists and document review processes.
  • Accessible communication with agents during every stage of the transaction.
  • Everyone to benefit from safe online storage.

You can learn more about how Form Simplicity can help you improve agent workflow here.

4. Do you want to improve office organization? Are you still buried in paperwork – using actual paper?

 For Brokers who want to make sure their transactions are centralized, digitized, and safe, Form Simplicity can help. You can provide your brokerage with an instantly better-organized system based in the cloud. You and your agents will have fast and easy access to all the information related to their transactions by keeping it all in a single digital place.

Nothing will be lost, misfiled, misplaced, or accidentally tossed, as it can happen with a paper-based brokerage. Form Simplicity can help your brokerage accelerate quick adoption, eliminate user confusion and the business delays a poor implementation can cause.

With Form Simplicity, your brokerage will get:

  • A designated and experienced technician to help you set up your firm.
  • Access to live webinars.
  • Unmatched tech support via Tech Helpline at launch and beyond.

Learn more about Form Simplicity advantages for brokers here.

5. How safe are your transaction files? If there was a fire, flood, theft, or other disasters, would all of your files be protected?

 For Brokers who want to make sure all of their transaction documents are safe from unforeseen consequences created by a fire, flood, theft, or other disasters, Form Simplicity stores all documents digitally and securely. For additional protection, files are also stored in redundant locations to prevent digital loss.

Think about what happens in your brokerage every day. Do your agents lock all their file drawers every night? Do you have time to check and make sure?

The chances for loss, theft, or fraud with a paper-based transaction management system versus a digital one are clearly much higher. With bank-grade security, Form Simplicity protects every file that is created or shared online. Only those with permission can access information that is in Form Simplicity. Think of Form Simplicity as your office transaction vault.

Form Simplicity gives brokers:

  • Unlimited online document storage with the Ultimate Edition.
  • Brokers, agents, and clients can rest easy with the bank-grade security of eSign.
  • Redundant cloud solution centers safeguard data as a backup of everything that is a built-in security feature.
  • Data centers were purpose-built to deliver maximum performance, which means you get greater reliability and assured connectivity.
  • Data centers feature 2N UPS power redundancy and N+1 cooling redundancy – a higher level of protection for your data. Your technical folks will especially appreciate it.

Remember, we packed Form Simplicity with broker management tools and features to help you every step of the way. From its very beginning, Form Simplicity was designed with brokers in mind and the challenges you face every day. Every time we update and improve Form Simplicity, we focus on how new features can help you do your job better.



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